The Dutch shoe designer beloved by stars from Kendall Jenner to Jennifer Lopez

The Dutch shoe designer beloved by stars from Kendall Jenner to Jennifer Lopez

Zeynep Dag

Footwear Designer

The 27-year-old Dutch shoe designer, Zeynep Dag only launched her luxury footwear brand Alzuarr last year, and is already gaining celebrity interest. Rihanna even purchased half her collection! However, if you have seen Zeynep's collection, it is no surprise that her heels are attracting international recognition. Each heel not only features an exceptionally classic design, but all have that extra oompf with their striking details that range from kisses to guns. No matter what outfit you combine it with, if you're wearing Alzuarr's heels, I can guarantee that people will be staring at your feet. The goal behind every heel? As Zeynep puts it, "to give every woman a sense of confidence and power". Having two bachelors and a masters, Zeynep describes herself as "50% designer and 50% business woman". Calling from her home in Amsterdam, we were eager to interview Zeynep about her plans for growing her heel empire. 

Describe a typical Alzuarr wearer. 

A woman who is fashion conscious and loves unique luxury. That is what I want to give my customers with each shoe, a unique feeling of luxury. 

Alzuarr's motto is "for the powerful woman". What do you define as a powerful woman?

A woman who is independent, knows what she wants, and isn't afraid to express herself.

Where does the name Alzuarr come from?

I wanted a name that was synonymous with my brand. A name that instantly gives people an emotion fitting with the brand, and that's why I wanted to create a name instead of naming the brand after myself. The word Alzuarr doesn't mean anything, but it sounds powerful and with its French touch, luxurious as well. I am a real puzzler with words, it took me a year to come up with the perfect name!

What is currently your favorite set of heels?

Ooh that's a tough question! I would have to say the white orchid heels as they are an ode to my mother. 

Best way to wear Alzuarr shoes?

The way that makes you feel best. Although the shoes are very unique, they are also very wearable. Even the shoes with the little stones are fantastic for a gala evening, but also very sexy on a pair of jeans. 

I am personally obsessed with the Gigi heels! They look so powerful and badass! What was your inspiration behind them?

All my shoes have a personal narrative behind them. I don't look at trends or what's en vogue when I design, but base them on my own stories. I experienced a lot of violence in my past, and this had a big impact on me so that's the inspiration behind the gun. 

Numerous celebrities ranging from Nina Dobrev to Jennifer Lopez have worn your stunning heels. If you could have any other celebrity wear you heels, who would it be?

I always had Rihanna on my wishlist of celebrities, and recently got two orders from her! She ordered half of my collection within two weeks and then Kendall Jenner and Jennifer Lopez followed. So in a way, I already have my dream celebrity!

Do you think you'll expand into womenswear or will you stick to shoes?

No, I will always focus on shoes and not on clothing. Why not? Because I am 50% designer and 50% business woman. I communicate through my shoes and I don't find clothing a powerful medium to communicate through. 

You are only 27 and you have achieved more than most successful designers achieve in a lifetime! What would you say have been the key factors contributing to your success?

I would say three things have been pivotal in achieving success in such a short time. Firstly, be daring and not scared. You need to call so many different companies and potential customers, so you need to have courage. Secondly, working incredibly hard and not giving up. Lastly, luck. 

What can we expect from Zeynep in the next five years?

I want to continue creating unique heels. I have to say, I always know very well what I want. I always wanted to reach celebrities within three years of operating, but I already did it within a year! But in the future, what I would really want is my own store. 

Would that store be in Amsterdam?

No, either in Dubai, New York, London or Paris. 

Want to find out more about Alzuarr? Check out her websiteinstagram and Ocotur

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