From an iphone image to a jewellery piece, the story of Vimanas Jewellery

From an iphone image to a jewellery piece, the story of Vimanas Jewellery


Dee Fisher

Jewellery designer

Today we sat down with Dee Fisher, the founder and designer of Vimanas Jewellery, the innovative jewellery brand bringing a new meaning to customisation through cutting edge technology. Having previously been a design engineer in the medical industry, Dee creates his jewellery pieces as if they're medical equipment, being extremely accurate and allowing no room for error. As Dee tells us in our interview with him, "I’m quite obsessive when it comes to all aspects of a design being perfect". However, what's even more exciting, is the innovative projects Dee is working on, more specifically his customisation platform which allows customers to upload an image, which is then converted into a jewellery piece.  


Describe a typical Vimanas Jewellery wearer.

Vimanas will soon be all about custom jewellery, so wearers will be creative, expressive and will want to have their own stamp on their jewellery. Generally though, they’re interested in design, architecture, personalized products, and they’re not necessarily ‘techies’ but they appreciate impressive innovation.


When did Vimanas start? What’s the story behind it?

The Founder, Dee Fisher, started his journey in the medical industry as a design engineer and a 3D printing manager. He became fascinated with the idea of 3D modelling for jewellery and soon started 3D printing his own designs. Having contacts in the medical industry gave Dee access to CAT scanners, allowing for the skulls from the first collection to be scanned. The first scan was a raven skull and the rest of the collection grew from there. Soon afterwards the Vimanas brand was born in Dec 2016. 


When did you know that you wanted to pursue a career in jewellery design?

In 2016 after having decided that I really wanted to 3D print my own jewellery. Initially it was just because I could, but then a business was born out of it.

Has your background in the medical industry impacted your work in jewellery?

Yes, it means I have a high attention to detail. There’s no room for error in the medical industry and accuracy is very important when you’re designing implants and surgical tools. I’m quite obsessive when it comes to all aspects of a design being perfect.


Your designs appear to have strong undertones of nature, what inspired this choice?

I think working for an orthaepedics company, where we work with bones, made me want to create a collection of animal skull designs. The new custom range ‘Praemando’ also relates to nature but only because nature can provide you with beautiful textures. It's more about what the customer desires, so if they want something less nature-inspired then that will be fine! (see the image of 3 rings above)

An exciting part of Vimanas is the upcoming launch of your customisation platform, tell me about this expansion and what it entails exactly?

The platform will allow customers to customise their jewellery in really innovative and in-depth ways. We’ve almost finished the ‘upload image’ functionality which will allow customers to upload an image which will then be applied to their jewellery on the screen. They’ll also be able to rotate the designs in 3D. In time we will develop many other custom jewellery options.

The custom jewellery range will be called praemando and we will be offering 3 pre-designed pieces which customers can buy before the online customization options are available. We will have photos of models wearing these pieces by the end of next week and will have a batch ready for sale within the next few weeks.


Why did you opt to merge jewellery and technology?

Because of my background as a design engineer and because I’m a bit of a nerd! As the manager of 3D printing for a pioneering medical products company, I knew how impressive technology could be applied to jewellery and that’s what got me into jewellery in the first place.

What’s your favorite piece of your collection right now and why?

My favorite piece from the Soul Frame collection is the feather earring design. They’re very delicate and elegant, plus they shimmer in the light!

What was the most difficult part of starting your own brand? And how did you deal with this?

I feel it was the realisation that things will inevitably go wrong when you start your first company and that it’s very much a trial and error process. Now I know to be very wary of everything. I think initially I was blindly positive about everything and I learnt the hard way that a large part of business is trying to avoid messing up and having a plan in place for when things inevitably do go wrong.

If you could have anyone wear your jewellery, who would you want to wear it and why?

Natalie Portman, because she has a very high IQ and is also very beautiful. Similarly, Vimanas aims to combine intelligence and beauty into its design.

Where do you see your brand going in the next 5-10 years?

We aim to have a vast library of customization options.


Want to see more of Vimanas? Check out their website and Ocotur.

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