Someone That Doesn’t Like to Conform to The Norm - Valerj Pobega

Someone That Doesn’t Like to Conform to The Norm - Valerj Pobega


Valerj Pobega  

Fashion Designer

How did you get into fashion design?

I come from a family of artists, so I’ve always approached fashion design from an artist’s perspective, that’s why I hand paint each one of my numbered limited editions collections pieces.  I’m glad I’ve also decided to study Art in school and take just brief classes or self-taught myself in patternmaking, draping etc., as the approach to my work would probably have been different if I went to study straight fashion


As a designer, what are your major influences?

Books and Music.

I read a lot...I mean a lot.

I devour books.

In particular, I love the classics, literature, poetry, but also the Beat generation, I read lots of Burroughs and Henry Miller too.

They really inspire me and especially when creating new collections and concepts I read a lot of books in theme with the world I will be creating with that collection. For example, my latest collection “Spleen” was inspired by Baudelaire and Oscar Wilde, all the Victorian poets and writers that I love.

Same for music, huge inspiration and maybe that’s why I’ve attracted the majority of my biggest clientele in the music industry, music always had such an immense impact on me, especially from my favorite artist David Bowie, he is my Hero and was really a big influence in my life, I’d like to refer to him as a mentor I’ve never got to meet in person, when he died I was devastated, and I decided to make a collection in tribute to him called Hero.

What is your design philosophy?

To be unique.

How would you describe the typical Valerj Pobega wearer?

Someone that doesn’t like to conform to the norm or imposed trends.

Tell us about your Bromley Contingent collection

Again, since music is one of my biggest influences, the Bromley contingent collection was inspired by the kids in the Bromley contingent, the early Sex Pistols fans, a very young and not famous yet Siouxsie for example among other creative kids that they would literally follow the Sex Pistols wherever they played.

That collection is in tribute to that, as Punk music and style are really big personal favorites and also the way I've painted the fabrics is a reflection of that with handpainted tartan-like stripes etcetera.

What are you currently working on?

My next collection, which I will present as I usually do in an artistic performance manner, with dancers and theatre-like elements instead of the usual runway with models

What can we expect from Valerj Pobega over the next few years?

More collaborations in Music, but also Film and Theatre... stay tuned

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