“Art as a collective message” - Untitled Barcelona

“Art as a collective message” - Untitled Barcelona


Untitled Barcelona

Handbag Designer

How did you get into fashion?

I got into fashion through the love of art and artistic jewellery.

I wanted to explore my own creative journey as an artist myself by unifying art and fashion accessories. The idea was to free art from the walls of galleries and museums and put it out on the street so it can have its own transformation throughout freedom.

What is the story behind Untitled Barcelona?

Our story is to empower women. Untitled Barcelona is the encouragement to develop a personal concept and visual language on the “Chakras” philosophy defined through colours, screen printing, art and stones. I will explore all 7 “Chakras” with different collections combining symbols in the bags design. Untitled Barcelona is a creative process on self reflection and visual moving ideas. The bag you wear has a 'lift you up message', declaring love to the one.

Describe the Untitled Barcelona aesthetic in three words?

 Free spirited woman.

As a designer, what are your major influences?

My major influences are museums, galleries, Instagram and losing myself on the streets of Barcelona.

What is your major design philosophy?

Girls just want to have fun! So my philosophy is to have a playful bag design with a message to empower the devine feminine. I love creating bags with strong conceptual art and with the perfect combination of colours and textures.

How would you describe the typical UB wearer?

She loves her divine feminine energy and loves to feel unique.

She is original and loves to break rules. A free-spirited woman!

Tell us about your “This is who I AM” collection

“I AM” is the mantra for a powerful and courageous woman, a self-loving affirmation, and a free voice.

The combination of the black and red leather represent the colours for the base “Chakra” combined with the inspirational screen printed message by the artist Gisselle Morales along with the stones combination of onyx and corals that helps you to release all fears and worries.

“I AM bountiful, I AM blissful, I AM beautiful”.

“Clematis Flower”.

The Clematis flower is used on the Bach flower remedies to help you with grounding
and earthing yourself, is perfect for the base “Chakra” affirmations. I decided to use it as an essential symbol because of its beauty and message. This amazing cotton collection is hand painted by the artist Caroline Money and she displays this gorgeous plant in the various stages of its life cycle.

“I AM fully awake at this present moment”.

What are you currently working on?

I am working on the Svadhisthana Collection (2nd chakra) with its strong symbols, colors, and uplifting messages. Don’t miss the magic world of Untitled Barcelona!


What can we expect from UB over the next few years?

Lots of colours, art and amazing energy for those who have a free soul and to keep empowering women moves.

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