Colorful, Timeless, Precious - Sophie d'Agon

Colorful, Timeless, Precious - Sophie d'Agon

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 Sophie d'Agon

Jewelry Designer

How did you both get into fashion?  

I always have been attracted by clothing and beautiful things. My first job was at Hermès selling their famous scarves during the Christmas rush. This experience was amazing and confirmed that I wanted to work in fashion and luxury.

I worked in fashion for 20 years and I loved it!

What’s the story behind Sophie d'Agon? 

Sophie d'Agon is a love story with jewels and gems, it is also a story of someone who has always worked very hard for other people and who one day decided to work for herself and create her own label. Jewelry was obvious.
Describe the Sophie d'Agon aesthetic in three words

Colorful, timeless, precious.

As a designer, what are your major influences? 

I am totally obsessed with vintage jewelry I have a soft spot for ancient Victorian, Edwardian and Georgian jewels, i find them so creative and poetic. I love jewels with a soul and this is what I am trying to give to my own creations.

What is your design philosophy? 

Everything is possible but must be easy to wear all day.

How would you describe the typical Sophie d'Agon wearer? 

It is difficult to answer, the audience is very large and that was one of my great surprises when I started to reveal the collections.

Tell us about your Sasha collection  

Sasha is a line that I like very much. A simple square shape fitted with different colored gemstones.  As for all the lines I have a specific color mix in my head and I select the stones accordingly, that is why sometimes you will find semi-precious stones this is when I don't find the exact color in the precious stones palette.

What are you currently working on? 

I am working on the new collection and I have secret projects in the pipe but is too early to say.
What can we expect from Sophie d'Agon over the next few years? 

I hope that Sophie d'Agon will be sold throughout the world, that would give me a great excuse to travel everywhere again, I used to travel a lot in my previous career and I miss it a bit.

I would love to collaborate with other brands, not necessarily jewelry it could be clothing; accessories or watches for instance. I find it very interesting to combine two different inspirations from two different worlds in the same capsule collection. I love working with people and being challenged.

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