Crazy + Amazing = Crazimazing

Crazy + Amazing = Crazimazing

Song Lattana

Fashion designer

There is nothing more exciting that meeting the founders of a recently established brand. Today we had the pleasure of meeting Song Lattana, one of the cofounders of Crazimazing, the new Paris/London based streetwear brand with the motto "make your own choices, live by your rules". With their first line consisting of baseball caps, they are already expanding into a mix of casual wear garments for their new collection. Here to speak about how the Crazimazing brand came to be, is an interview with Song Lattana. 


Why is the brand called Crazimazing?

The name came from my unexpected trip to Paris in 2015. I was travelling there with my friends and although the trip was amazing, I was there when the terrorist attack happened. Therefore, to describe my time went there, I said it was both crazy and amazing at the same time. So I came up with Crazimazing, a combination of the words 'crazy' and 'amazing'.


Who is a typical Crazimazing wearer?

I would describe them as people who are confident, cool and party animals. 

How did you get into fashion?

I am currently studying Business Management at Cass Business School in London, but I've been interested in fashion since I was 14 years old and have been experimenting with it ever since. 


What’s currently one of your favorite designs?

Currently, my brand only has two items but we are working on our new collection which will be called 'Banned from Society'.

If you could describe your brand as a type of music, what would it be?

I would say American rap and hip hop. 


Why did you decide to focus on caps?

It's easy and cost effective. Rather than starting out by producing hoodies and shirts where you have to have different sizing options. You need a lot more capital with that. Lastly, I also just love caps and always wear them.

Why did you only offer the caps in black and white?

They're classic colors, everyone loves black or white. 


On your website I saw that you also accept Bitcoin as a form of payment, why is this?

Cryptocurrencies have become a hot topic so I thought why not accept Bitcoin as a form of payment as it makes your business look up to date.

If you could have any celebrity wear your pieces, who would you want it to be?

Travis Scott, I think he is Crazimazing.

What helps you find inspiration for your designs?

I get a lot of inspiration from clubbing. The people that I see at European night clubs give me a lot of ideas for my collections. 


What kind of clubs?

Project, Toy Room and Cirque. 

Do you expect to expand into other apparel?

Definitely. Soon we will be expanding to shirts and hoodies.


Lastly, what can we expect from the Crazimazing brand in the next five years?

I expect to have a physical store in Paris and hope to sell my products in retailers like Farfetch or Selfridges.


Want to find out more about Song Lattana? Check out their website and Ocotur.

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C'est fou!

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