Cleopatra and Thailand, the Creation of SiammPatra

Cleopatra and Thailand, the Creation of SiammPatra



Jewellery Designer

SiammPatra, where Siam, the former name to the country we know as Thailand today, meets the eternal beauty and power of Cleopatra. A bold new fashion jewelry line that launched in 2015, based out of New Jersey by Thai-American Jewelry Designer, Anita Jacob. Anita Jacob graduated in gemology and has been working in the industry for over a decade. And in 2015, with the love and helpful suggestion from her Husband, she finally decided to launch her own jewelry line. You will see Anita’s vision and her own personal style radiating through each of her unique designs. SiammPatra is here to provoke art of style over market trends to consumers. SiammPatra pieces embrace inspiration and creativity to celebrate every woman’s individuality by form of expression - in our case - accessorizing.

What’s the story behind SiammPatra?

I worked in the jewelry industry for decades, after I graduated. I saw the circle of fashion trends and copycats. When something becomes really popular, thousands of brands jump into the same thing.  I felt like we were losing a sense of authenticity in the world where the majority of people would rather blend in and follow the group. 

When I moved to the USA five years ago, after I found the love of my life, I wanted to have a career as well and find a safe space that I was able to communicate and express who I am, and at the same time use my creativity and jewelry to empower women to accessorize the way they feel beautiful. 

So the name of SiammPatra emerged from two ideas.  Siam is the former name of Thailand, the country where I was born and raised, so I wanted to pay homage to my roots. Patra pays tribute to the Queen of Egypt; Cleopatra and her timeless power and beauty. 

With all my experiences, I create SiammPatra not only to be a jewelry company, but it’s a journey of a group of people who strongly believe to provoke the art of style over market trends and for women to generate individualistic culture. 

As a designer, what are your greatest influences?

Everything around me – people, story, history, objects, and feelings or sentiment. I love traveling - discovering new places, cultures, people and food. It doesn’t have to be a long trip, just short trips to NYC (I live in NJ) to visit the Met or Whitney Museum and even just discovering new brunch and dinner spots afterward. The sense of seeing, touching and smelling drive my creativity – I feel inspired.

Do you have a favorite type of accessory?

Definitely rings and lots of them! And I like to mix silver and gold rings together. Chain Link Statement Ring and Link Chain Two-Finger Statement Rings are my go-to jewelry from days to nights.

Describe the typical wearer of your jewelry.

A typical SiammPatra girl is daring and unapologetic for whom she is.  She’s positive, self-confident, and curious to try new things. She always stands for her beliefs and is never afraid to express her point of view. SiammPatra jewelry is very bold, unique and uber funky, so she has to have a sense of style over market trend to connect with my brand. A SiammPatra girl does not need to wait for the market trend or runway to tell her what to wear, she just creates her own runway.  

What can we expect of SiammPatra over the next few years?

I would like to take SiammPatra international and develop the recognition as a world premium brand. In 2019 I plan to add a bridal collection that is not just basic bride and bridesmaids accessories. My mission for SiammPatra is not just a jewelry company, I always wanted to make it bigger than that…so I am in search of what value I can bring to make a difference in the world.

Model: Ashia Amave @ashiaamave

Model: Nakea Tyson @nakeatyson

Photographer: Bruce Fields @bofields

MUA: Maurisa Joseph @maurisa_mcqueen

Food Stylist: Prelo White @bkartistry

Visuals Director: Amanda Moore-Karim @amandaluxe

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