Perfectionist jewellery designer, Rose Carvalho

Perfectionist jewellery designer, Rose Carvalho

Rose Carvalho

Jewellery designer

Brazilian jewellery designer, Rose Carvalho has created an exquisite eponymous label. Describing herself as a perfectionist, Rose hand-makes all the pieces and is involved in the design of the jewels to the customer care. Having been a jewellery designer for fifteen years, Rose has a vast a experience of the jewellery industry. One of her key design inspirations is the collective unconscious in the symbolic forms of the universe, the Mandalas and how they influence humanity in everything. Here to speak about her jewellery designs and the inspirations behind them, is an interview with Rose Carvalho. 

Rose Carvalho - Observatory Star pendant- 18k yellow gold and diamonds..jpg


Describe a typical Rose de Carvalho customer?

My customers are educated and sophisticated with strong personalities who know what they want.

Your creations have been inspired by the psychiatrist Carl Jung.  What is it about his work that inspires you and how do you translate his research into your jewellery?

This is a long story. I was a fashion designer for many years and I observed that in design as well as in colours and attitudes, some elements repeated themselves in various segments other than fashion, like in art, in the car industry, in interior design, in thoughts, and that all of this happened in several countries around the world at the same time. This was my first contact with the topic of the collective unconscious so well described by Carl Jung.

Later, after leaving fashion design to work with jewellery, I was fascinated by the infinite possibilities at my disposal in the creation of a piece and so I went deeper into the studies of Carl Jung, concentrating specifically on archetypes, symbols and signs and how they influence humanity in everything.

I focused on the forms we repeat in the day to day of the collective like the universe, mandalas, eyes, hearts, geometrical figures etc... and I created a playful concept for each of these collections, where each piece tells its own story.

Rose Carvalho - Observatory E2 Ring -18k yellow gold and  diamonds.jpg

What’s one of your favourite pieces you designed and what made it so special?

Difficult to pick just one. I like many, each with its own distinctiveness, but I must mention the Mandala of Time for the complexity of making it, its cut and what it represents. It is one of the pieces in the Lenses Collection and represents the rotation of the Earth around the Sun (measure of time).

Rose Carvalho - Ring Mandala of Time -ALTA.JPG

A piece that stood out from your collection is the Ring Amazon Flowers “Bromelia Flower”. What does the ring represent and tell me about the technical process to design this piece?

The Amazon Flower ring (Bromelia Flower) is a piece from the Lenses Collection and represents a mandala that is fashioned from an initial point and circle, and propagates from the inside to the outside in repetition, therefore, the flowers are a representation of Nature in the form of mandalas.

Rose Carvalho - Anel Flores da Amazonia - Bromelia (2).JPG

What aspect do you find most important in your jewellery?

Well, the word jewellery, which comes from jewel, defines itself.  All aspects must be perfect from creation to concept, the choice of material, the cut of the stone, the execution and finishing, and I participate in all of them.

Rose Carvalho - Observatory Long  Earrrings -18K yellow gold and diamonds.jpg

How do you define luxury?

It is a code of behaviour, convenience, comfort, ethical and aesthetic values connected to the rare, the exclusive and the unforgettable, also associated with high quality and intellectual refinement.

What helps you find inspiration for your pieces?  

Actually, everything. People, behaviours, the arts, the universe and historical research.

Rose Carvalho - Asteroide Ring (1).jpg

What’s the one jewellery piece you can’t live without?

I am always changing, but I have two stars, one with five points (pentagram) and the other with eight points (representing the goddess of abundance) which I can’t live without.

Rose Carvalho - Mandala of Spirituality Ring.jpg

Which fashion figure do you look up to and why?

Karl Lagerfeld for his work and how he transformed and maintains Chanel and Fendi, always innovating without losing the fingerprint of the labels, but always looking into the future. He is an icon!

How has it been to set up your own brand and what have been the biggest struggles?

My brand started thanks to my customers.  I am a compulsive artist and I always need to be creating to feel good. 

Brazil has an unstable economy that does not provide financial support for small businesses, which poses as somewhat of a challenge.

Rose Carvalho - Moon Necklace - 18k white gold crystal quartz and diamonds - alta.jpg

Want to find out more about Rose Carvalho? Check out her website and Ocotur

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