Fashion Designer

How did you get into fashion design?

I was working  part-time in sales in a few select shops while I studied aboard in Australia. Each select shop has its own aesthetic so I was able to see and observe many other labels which inspire me deeply. From there I decided to take part in the design field by going to design college.

What’s the story behind Recluse?

RECLUSE was just a project back in University. I was not serious about it at all until I finished my military service back home. I wanted to take the experience in the field as well as my personal character into works.

Describe the Recluse aesthetic in three words

Timeless / Street / Military inspired.

As a designer, what are your major influences?

My major influences are basically my daily life plus years of foreign experience. Sometimes I would go to some vintage stores to observe what is floating in the market then capture my own ideas. Lastly, the military service does give me some depth to adapt so I’m very grateful what I have been through.

What is your design philosophy?


RECLUSE focuses on examining the finer details. By taking elements through everyday-life surroundings and uncover the underlying meanings of every object that we are drawn to.

We aim to understand the parts piece by piece in a different perspective and fuse them to capture a certain point of view. We are seeking a path and respect the process of each stage from the bottom of our hearts.

How would you describe the typical Recluse wearer?

The RECLUSE wearer is quite low-key but pays attention to details. Also aware of the trend and know what he wants.

Tell us about your AW’18 collection


A person who has had long experience in a particular field. VETERANS collection is a throwback and reflection of the journey we faced. As a soldier in the field. Each commitment and decision we make can lead to different paths. What is the next step?

What are you currently working on?

I am working on a capsule collection with denim which is more experimental and expressive to brand’s DNA.

What can we expect from Recluse over the next few years?

RECLUSE is aiming to reinterpret the brand image in order to reach the certain crowd. In the meantime, we will continue focusing on upcoming projects and collaborations with profession from different fields.

Geometric, Clean, Sport-Delux - JNORIG

Geometric, Clean, Sport-Delux - JNORIG

Timeless, Emotional, Thoughtful - Knitbrary

Timeless, Emotional, Thoughtful - Knitbrary