Passion is what you need for success

Passion is what you need for success


Rachel Moore

Fashion Designer

From an impulse buy at her local market to a rapidly growing fashion label, Rachel Moore certainly has a unique story to tell about her career in fashion. This week we spoke to lawyer-turned-designer, Rachel Moore, who's eponymous label is attracting a lot of attention beyond it's home city of Rotterdam. 

What’s the story behind Rachel Moore?

I am a 34 year old mother of 4 and I’ve always been inspired by fashion and its ability to empower people! I wanted to bring my own collection to an audience to show that you don’t need to have anything other than passion for what you do in order to be successful!

Where did it all begin?

Around 2 years ago, I took a trip through my local market in Rotterdam, being an impulsive person I purchased a whole load of materials, I had no idea what I would do with them or what to design but there was something in my mind making me want to create. I went home and got to work straight away, changing, tweaking and correcting my designs along the way. I found design ideas often come to me in moments of peace - like just before I drift off to sleep (which can be annoying as I immediately have to write them down!). I have always designed one off pieces for friends and family and I was approached 5 years ago to feature as a designer in the Dominica Republic Fashion Week. It was only a few years after this that I began building my own brand and finally in 2016 left my job to focus all my energy on my brand and designs, which is when I would say Rachel Moore became official. This was a huge step for the business but also for me as I was moving from my financially secure job into the unknown. The support and love received has been overwhelming and I am extremely proud of how far the brand has come.


Describe the Rachel Moore style as a type of music:

Definitely RnB. If the brand was a playlist you would have an equal mix of pop, rap and hip hop. Rachel Moore has a sense of femininity mixed with a rebel girl who has a strong assertive style. Artist wise? Rihanna. I’d definitely say our brand appeals to the good girl’s gone bad, a women who isn’t afraid to be her own person and stand out from the crowd!

How would you describe a typical Rachel Moore customer?

A typical Rachel Moore customer is someone who isn’t afraid to be different, is comfortable within themselves and has their own individual style. Our customers are often looking for a mix of streetwear and designer chic which is what we try to incorporate in every collection. Our customers don’t have a particular age range, only a personality trait of someone who is sexy, strong and confident! They’re not afraid of anything and love to travel, be adventurous and always look fabulous.

If you could collaborate with any designer who would it be and why?

My dream collaboration would be with Off-White designer Virgil Abloh. I have always been in awe of his work and I think he would be so interesting to collaborate with as he has such a unique vision, which is reflected in his range! I think in some ways I can relate to him as he started off small, designing for himself before he made it big – which is the path I hope to find myself on!

What inspires you when designing a new collection?

When designing a new collection I always have a range of inspirations. My biggest inspiration for my designs is actually women, all women. I love how resilient and amazing we really are! We manage to handle so many things at the same time, without letting it get us down! I think multi-tasking is my true talent. My second inspiration is learning about new cultures and countries, this inspires me so much as there is so much diversity out there. I love meeting new people and getting to know there stories which I am able to reflect within my work.

What’s your favourite piece from your current collection?

Can I choose them all? Just kidding. Okay so I can narrow it down to my two favourites. Firstly, the Miss Asia set because it shows off the couture, glamorous element of my collection and my other favourite is the jog set, because this expresses the street casual vibe within the collection. Two opposite pieces which I believe fit together so well.

What can we expect of Rachel Moore over the next few seasons?

Well you can definitely expect Moore. Literally. The next few seasons I aim to focus on the unique element of the designs rather than trying to fit in with mainstream fashion. I want to ensure each design has a personal touch in order to make sure they stand out. I want people to instantly recognise this desired uniqueness of my looks. The following seasons will continue the combination of designer chic meets streetwear apparel and I hope people will fall in-love with the designs just as much as I have!

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