Strong, Bold, Balanced - Rachel Marus

Strong, Bold, Balanced - Rachel Marus


Rachel Marus

Fashion Designer

How did you first get into fashion?

I wanted to create fashion since I was a child. I always loved vintage shopping - the thrill of finding something one-of-a-kind. Who wants to look like everyone else? Of course, vintage shopping has its limitations as far a size and quantity, so being able to sew and tailor my findings became a necessity. I started taking sewing classes as a pre-teen and began to create my own designs. Fabric sourcing has always been the most exciting part of the design process for me. I love to take a classic or vintage style and develop it into an unexpected material.

What does empowerment mean to you?

Empowerment is feeling confident, strong, capable, and worthy in your own self to the extent that it is inspiring to others. It’s letting your light brighten the world around you - not for the purpose of shining the brightest - but for the purpose of welcoming and supporting others. There is light enough for us all.

Describe your aesthetic in three words

Strong, bold, balanced

Who is the typical Rachel Marus wearer?

I design for the strong, the empowered, and the bold. Someone who embraces their womanhood without being overly saccharine or coquettish. It may sound odd as lingerie is considered unequivocally female, but I find the balance of masculine and feminine elements to be aesthetically harmonious.

What’s the inspiration behind your A/W 17/18 collection?

Both A/W 17/18 and S/S 19 are inspired by a blend of vintage 80’s styles combined with inspiration from the Met Cloisters Collection and the Fort Tryon Park Gardens. I have spent many hours in each of these places as my studio is nearby. Your surroundings seep into your creations rather subconsciously, so take heed.

What can we expect from Rachel Marus over the next few years?

I am branching out into more lingerie-inspired ready-to-wear as opposed to traditional intimate apparel. Why? Because, darling, these pieces are designed to be seen! I also hope to do more custom and bespoke work, as I always find it more exciting to make something truly one-of-a-kind.


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