Art, music, yoga, and meditation - Paola Hernández

Art, music, yoga, and meditation - Paola Hernández


Paola Hernández

Fashion Designer

How did you get into fashion?

I started my career in fashion after studying philosophy. Everything started with the idea of creating a fashion brand based on philosophical concepts. Different materials, prints, art collaborations, and shapes would represent symbols each season. 

As a designer, what are your major influences?

Art, music, yoga, and meditation.

What is your design philosophy?

Each collection starts with a concept that usually comes to mind during my yoga practice. Afterward, the concept is brought to life with design choices in my studio. All materials I select are of the best quality. The garments are made locally in the US. When the pieces become available, a percentage of the profits is donated to not-for-profit organizations such as ACLU or Planned Parenthood to help contribute for the world to be a better place. 

Tell us about your new arrivals

My new arrivals are a collaboration with my husband, artist Michael Kagan. I used one of his mountain paintings to create an abstract print. The brushstrokes and even the weave of the canvas can be seen on the printed fabric. It's a collection based on the transition to motherhood. 


What are you currently working on?

I'm developing my first piece for babies! It's a crew neck jacquard sweater. 

For the artwork, I used the same mountain painting from my husband but I made it even more abstract. I'm really happy with how this artwork turned out because of the 3-dimensional aspect that gives the feeling of thick paint to the knit.

The baby sweater will pair with the poncho made with the same artwork. The poncho is one of my staple pieces. I really like it because it's versatile, it can be worn in different ways, it's a great piece to travel with, it's unisex and it's one size, so it fits everyone. Plus now that I am a mother I realized it's the perfect piece to nurse or to cover your baby if it's cold.

What can we expect from Paola Hernandez over the next few years?

Motherhood has been great to teach me how to stay focused. Over the next few years, my line will be more focused, allowing me to work deeply in order to perfect my staple pieces.

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