The Inspirations of Daily Emotions and Scenes, Pan Jin

The Inspirations of Daily Emotions and Scenes, Pan Jin

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Pan Jin

Fashion Designer

Pan Jin is a recent graduate from Parsons. Inspired by daily emotions and scenes, the sensitive approach and intimate silhouettes are a common theme expressed in her collections. While in constant search of breaking the boundaries set by ready to wear today, Pan advocates maintaining the classic details and elements of everyday uniforms. Her design process revolves around concrete reality and delicate moods, and she strives to achieve clothing that describes the ambiguous relationship between the wearer and wear itself.

What’s your earliest fashion memory?

My grandmother used to own a small tailoring shop in her town in Southern China. I remember visiting her over elementary school summer breaks and being curious about everything in that tiny space. Racks of dark suits were cramped together, absorbing the remaining light filtered through frosted glass doors. All the sewing supplies were stowed away neatly in different tin boxes, and buttons would get their own drawers similar to the ones you'd see in a herbal medicine store.

What’s the inspiration behind your ‘Boys will be boys’ collection? 

I took a road trip across east coast the winter before and unfortunately earned a few parking tickets. The vibrant colors and graphic layout of the tickets inspired the color palette and graphic theme for my collection, and the youthfulness of my friends/travel mates naturally drove me to more streetwear/casual silhouettes. This collection serves me as a reminder of those vigorous days where we just roam around without any concerns or burdens.

How do ‘daily emotions’ inspire you?

The ups and downs of emotions are like inhalation and exhalation to me. Completely natural, unavoidable, but delicately unique. They're visualized into small design details as well as the overall mood, and sometimes textiles.

If you could describe your design aesthetic as a type of music, what would they be?

Experimental melodic techno, my favorite track being Lim Giong's score A Pure Person.

What are you hoping to achieve over the next few years?

While garnering development and production experience at my current company, I'd like to put out capsule collections focusing on my current interpretations of the streetwear scene: what it lacks, how it can be elevated, and what could pull people's interest. I'd also like to introduce smaller up-cycling projects, since it's a real pity to see vintage garments go unnoticed and unappreciated.

Fashion and Photography, Luwei Misa Wang

Fashion and Photography, Luwei Misa Wang

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