This is First and Foremost a Rejection - No Label Society Club

This is First and Foremost a Rejection - No Label Society Club


No Label Society Club

Fashion Designer

How did you get into fashion design?

My segue into fashion started through surfing. I got into doing graphic tees and wanted to take it further. I found a school that emphasized the craft of sewing, and since then it’s been my chosen medium to explore the world.

What’s the story behind No Label Society Club?

At its core, it’s my own vehicle to explore intuitive design. At large it is a platform to explore the power of visual communication. It lingers in the questions of our existence in hope to find new structures in which to go about living the human experience.

Describe the No Label Society Club aesthetic in three words

Infinitely curious exploration

As a designer, what are your major influences?

In a fashion world since I’m into the likes of Craig Green, Aitor Throup, Boris Saberi, Sruli Recht, InAisce when it was around. But the greatest influencers of no label are the individual spirits that I see throughout daily life, known and unknown to me.

What is your design philosophy?

If it’s hard, I’m doing something worth my time; if it challenges the world as I know it, then I dive in; if I want to live in a world that’s beyond what is just given to me, I  create it.

How would you describe the typical No Label Society Club wearer?

The wearer is always evolving. Yet, I notice a pattern of desire to release from the monotony of the common. I use minimal language in hopes that it engages an active audience. Someone who sees feels becomes curious and then desires to explore that feeling that the work gives them.

What are you currently working on?

I’ve been working on spacemen recently. One is a physical piece that was done for a short film that we are about to shoot.  The other is a digital 3D piece of a space miner rescue worker done on Marvelous Designer. Learning new tools to add to this medium such as 3D garment programs like Marvelous Designer and ZBrush is definitely a big proponent of moving forward for no label.

What can we expect from No Label Society Club over the next few years?

More and more exploration projects. Projects that bring up as many questions as answers, and that challenge myself as the maker, viewer, and participant. The goal of no label is not to tear down the world and build a new, but to explore the idea that there are other ways to see and in reaction to that there are other ways to live.

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