All about the burglar proof Pleathure backpack

All about the burglar proof Pleathure backpack


Natalie Lyutrovnik

Backpack designer

Pleathure backpacks were established in 2012 by Russian designer and stylist Natalie Lyutrovnik. The signature leather backpacks are instantly recognisable and the smartly located zipper inside the bag ensures that your belongings are safe from robbers. Pleathure backpacks are thus not only stylish, but also highly functional! The line has grown to also include clutches, belts and wallets and we are excited to share our interview with the designer behind it all. 


How did you get into fashion?

I’ve been in fashion business since 2008, got there as a model, used to live in New York, Milan, Paris, was involved in fashion shows of different famous designers, worked as a stylist for various magazines and on TV, alongside wishing to create my own brand. And I did it.


Do you think your background as a model and fashion editor had an impact on your brand?

Without doubt it became an excellent base for creating the unique product.

How did the idea of the Pleathure backpack come?

I was producing and making stylization of filming for magazines and TV, and always bags were uncomfortable. I lacked a backpack, but at that moment there were no proper models in the market, backpacks were either too sporty or too glamorous, there was no golden mean. That’s how came the idea to create a backpack on the border between, which would fit absolutely everyone and match absolutely any style of clothes and life.


Have you had something stolen from your backpack before?

I’ve thought over this point – the thing shall be both stylish, comfortable and functional, that’s how I came up with a zipper on the back of the backpack. There is no chance to steal from it. It’s really great in the circumstances of a big city or travelling.

Why did you name the brand Pleathure?

It’s a game of words – pleasure + leather, which means “made of leather with pleasure”. Now to genuine leather we added eco leather and fabric, I am extending a product range.


Are the bags unisex?

It’s another distinctive feature of my brand – there are no rules or limits. My product is absolutely for everyone. 

Best way to wear a Pleathure bag?

You can match it simply with everything. One female client even sent a photo of herself naked with the backpack worn as a T-shirt.


Do you have a favorite bag?

Yes, it is my Pleathure backpack.

What helps you find inspiration for your designs?

I adore meeting different people, communication with them inspires me. Also travelling, I love sea or an ocean, water is my power which brings me energy and strength.

Favorite designer?

I have many different, my last passion is a Lithuanian brand Julia Janus. She creates amazing things combining various fabrics and textures, which looks perfect on any figure. 

Where do you hope to see your brand going in the next five years?

At the moment I work on a range of accessories for kids and not only, but it’s a secret for now. Very soon I will present results of my work to the audience.


Want to find out more about Pleathure? Check out their website and Ocotur



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