The story of Mr Snappy's

The story of Mr Snappy's


When it comes to custom cap creation, London is home to one of the best. Mr Snappy's Caps has grown from a small store in Camden to outfit the heads of some of the world's biggest celebrities, including Will Smith and Lily Donaldson to even the Qatari Royal Family. We're excited to share the story of how a failed t-shirt company turned into a rapidly expanding custom hat store. 

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What is the story of Mr Snappy Caps? When and where did it all start?

The Mr Snappy’s concept started in 2013 in Stables Market in Camden from a failed T-shirt business with an ex business partner. Basically I had to come up with a new business idea as the T-shirt company wasn’t working and I was contracted to the unit for 3 months. In order to pay the rent, I had to come up with a new venture and custom snapbacks came to mind!

How did you get into fashion? What was your background before?

I have been in the fashion industry for over 16 years having worked in various boutiques on Kings Road and New Bond Street as a high end in-store custom designer, which allowed me to produce designs for many celebrities and sports personalities. In 2008 I had one of my designs worn by Supermodel Lily Donaldson in the January edition of Vogue magazine with photography by Lachlan Bailey. I worked with New Era Caps at two of their music events customizing caps for the performing artists, they also commissioned me to produce five exclusive 59Fifty caps for Will Smith with sponsorship from Swarovski.

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Who is your typical customer?

Our typical customers vary from different parts of the world, but we have a strong connection with the Middle East, especially Qatar. We are honored to have the Qatari Royal family as a loyal customer.

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Do you have a favourite hat which you’ve designed?

This is very difficult question to answer since I have designed so many caps and they have all have special place in my heart. If there was one cap, I would choose the cap I designed for Jamal Edwards, the founder of music platform SBTV.

You have had some incredibly popular artists and celebrities as customers, how do they find out about you?

Luckily some of the artists I know personally, but some of them make the connection through their management or PA.

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Who has been your favorite celebrity to wear your cap?

My favorites would have to be Will Smith and Usain Bolt.

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Are you looking to expand production at all in terms of retail space?

Yes, I'm currently looking to move to a new store in the next couple months which will still be Camden, but in a bigger store.

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What is it about customisation that you think attracts people?

The attraction I think is the machines, as customers can see their cap being made on the spot which is something most haven’t seen before.We also offer unique services such as brim printing, 3D embroidery and our new on-the-spot badge service, which makes us the number one place for custom caps.

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What can we expect from Mr Snappy Caps in the future?

The main aim for Mr Snappy’s is to have a store in every major city of the world, so everybody can experience what Mr Snappy’s has to offer. When it comes to custom caps I want Mr Snappy’s to be the household name you think of just like McDonalds is for hamburgers.

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Want to find out more about Mr. Snappy's? Check out their website and Ocotur. 

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