Design Inspired By PTSD, Moon Chang

Design Inspired By PTSD, Moon Chang


Moon Chang

Fashion Designer

Moon Chang is a New York based designer who graduated from Pratt Institute, NY. Her philosophy is to communicate with people through her designs. Her aesthetic is to find a beauty in abstractness and weirdness and extract it to form new and unusual aspects in design.

How did you get into fashion?

I originally wanted to become a fine artist. I used to paint girls wearing a dress and loved to style them. That was a starting point. I gradually fell in love with fashion and aimed to become a fashion designer. I came to New York to study fashion when I was 19. I always wanted to become a fashion designer who does fine art. 

What are your main inspirations?

I am always inspired by personal stories and expand this to social movements. My design philosophy is to have a communication with viewers in visual and artistic ways through my concept and work. I am inspired by the existence of abstractness, weirdness, breaking norms, and the beauty in all of these. I then and translate it into the materials, shapes, and techniques of my garments. 


If you could describe your design aesthetic in three words, what would they be?

Minimalism, dualism, fine art

What’s the main inspiration behind your F/W 2017 collection?

My inspiration comes from my personal experience being as a fashion student. While working on a Cotton Inc. competition and tending to my design project, I cut my finger and due to excessive bleeding, I fainted, hit my head on the floor, and then my head was bleeding for 30 minutes. However, after this injury, I could not stop working on my project; I had to get back to the studio and finish it. After this, I thought deeply about the situation. Even though, my body is sick, why couldn’t I stop working? Fashion overcame my health. After that, I suffered from PTSD. This situation is not only my story; it is a story for everyone who is in fashion field. Therefore, “FASHION VICTIM” became my concept, and I expressed this abstract psychological disorder to fashion, which people can wear and feel the experience of PTSD.

What can we expect from Moon Chang over the next few years?

My goal is to create something new, artistic and unfamiliar by twisting the norms and suggest different aesthetics and values to people. My Fashion Victim collection is more about art-wear, but I am planning to make my brand the co-existence of art, craft, and commerce. I will work on my labels, Moon Chang and the second brand, Venus In Black. Venus In Black is a lifestyle fashion brand for human and dog. Through my brands, I want to create my own trend, I do not want to follow the season or trend in the future. I want to open my own path of fashion and want to use fashion as a communication tool.

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