Comfortable, Elegant, Unique - Miranda Vukasovic

Comfortable, Elegant, Unique - Miranda Vukasovic

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Miranda Vukasovic

Jewellery Designer

How did you get into fashion design?  

First and foremost, I like jewelry and it is a way to express my uniqueness and personality; gentle, fragile and precious as if immediately resonating with the identity of a women/man who is strong but still do not denying their fragility, elegance, and essence.

I am a performer myself so I had the desire to draw the things that I saw in my imagination and I could only do it by tailoring my own stage presence and character for who and how I wanted to be presented. Then I embrace my imagination and that becomes an input into a fashion world, despite that I always loved fashion and particularly accessories. Fashion is culture and can reflect one’s personality and one's experience so it becomes a really unique medium to express ourselves immediately without using words. I can also speak about all the things I love through fashion aesthetic, colors, materials, and patterns. 

For past the 10 years, I was working in the field of architecture and design, so it was natural that my jewelry brand speaks about the relationship between contemporary art and architecture. In 2013 I designed a collection of concrete jewelry. This collection was presented in 2013 in co-operation with the Micro Macro Study on the Beijing Design Week. The same work is also shown at the exhibition at the Today ART Museum in Beijing. Through the act of displacing we are actually testing the materiality of the urban environment on the body, challenging roughness, weight, thickness, reflectivity, transparency, and texture. We are crafting these unconventional materials into the architecture to wear: a vast urban fabric becomes light as silk; a sinuous and shiny curtain-wall façade becomes armor that protects and reflects; while the concrete mass reveals its weight and roughness on our arms. It was more a manifesto to translate architecture into the body and that was the first temptation of going toward the fashion world.

What’s the story behind Miranda Vukasovic? 

My impulse to constantly move has always been stirring quietly inside me. My life has in some way been defined by the meaning of my name. When broken down, MIRA/ANDA-in Spanish ‘MIRAR’, to look, and ‘ANDAR’, to go, it begins to form a meaning of passing through. I have moved continuously, settling briefly in Zagreb, Milan, Rio de Janeiro, Paris, Mexico City, London, New York and now Beijing, passing through thousands of destinations in between.

I have been working in the field of architecture, design, and communication for over 8 years. I also have extensive experience in project design and production, drawing from my collaborations with a wide range of design studios across Europe and America. My passion for architecture has led my work within the field in a variety of scopes. Some of my most memorable experiences include working with the Renzo Piano Building Workshop as an exhibition designer and curator.

In 2013, Beijing Design Week provided a showcase my first exhibit in jewelry design in collaboration with the Micro Macro studio. In 2013 the same work was shown in the exhibition: ARTchitecture - the Way we Design at Today Art Museum, one of the most important private galleries in China. In 2016 she started Fine Jewellery brand that is working on the relation of the concept from art and architecture.

My jewelry collection LINES was selected by Beijing based Designer UZO.MIN for “White Noise” LookBook 2016 COLLECTION, the same collection has been selected by NJAL community scouting team as being especially innovative and pioneering, and in 2017 Shortlisted for Lane Crawford Creative Callout. The same collection was selected by the singer of 16 Minutes, Beijing experimental rock band for their upcoming Music Video. The collection was presented for the first time on ONTIMESHOW during Shanghai Fashion Week. The collection has also been a part of fashion show LINE _ PLANE _VOLUME autumn winter 2017 by Kathrin von Rechenberg. The collection has recently been published by ELLE magazine.

I've also recently designed a bespoke jewelry series for the fastestt electric car in the world NIO, which is based in Shanghai, the USA, the UK, and Germany.

Describe the Miranda Vukasovic aesthetic in three words

Comfortable, elegant, unique

As a designer, what are your major influences?

The city is full of opportunities for those that want to explore life in all its facets. It is important to have your finger on the pulse of change and to engage with that energy. I am inspired by the vast elements that I have drawn from architecture, music, cultures, art, the city from daily experiences and it's the reality that I am living that I am absorbing from there that the power arises from the uniqueness of my experience. Then almost naturally I found myself in relation with other disciplines: from graphic design playing with primary forms to create the depth, to contemporary art inspired by the sculptures of Fred Sandback that in his works use the union of 2 points in space to challenge our perception of space, which completely changes with that simple gesture. To poetry of Barbara Hepworth's sculptures influenced artist from mid 20 century, creating a space inside of an object, inviting us almost to visit it by ourselves, to vertical constructions of constantly changing contemporary cities in which I lived. That's how my first collection LINES was born.

What is your design philosophy?

I am really searching for uniqueness in design that can be implement by the culture of individual. Design that can educate and be more unique, as I explain above for my collection Lines there are various lectures of the object that the person can see and read, its not just a line but it has a deeper meanings to it. We should give emotions to our costumer, that's what people needs.

Also I love the fact that the pieces are almost unique pieces because we also need to e conscious about our space where we living, I think each design should provide comfort, should tell the story and should embrace the beauty. 

One good example for me are Charles and Ray Eames and their design philosophy.
“Take your pleasures seriously.”

How would you describe the typical Miranda Vukasovic wearer? 

I really feel that the elegance comes from wearing comfortable, so my style I would say comfortable, elegant, classic. Sometimes I wear funky details that I can express through accessories, shoes, and bags.

For clothing, for me, the touch is very important so it's essential that the materials are comfortable on the skin. I usually have a few pieces of clothing but carefully selected and usually, these pieces are rare. Lately, I am in love with Kathrin von Rechenberg clothing.

I am really in favor of life with less but choose the best, so I have few pieces that are classic and timeless and I change their look with accessories.

Also, I love to combine elegance with sporty, so many time I use black leggings with an elegant rope that can be melted or worn loose and red lipstick. So you have an option to run as well as use exchanging shoes being very elegant !

What are you currently working on?  

I am currently working on Jewelry that tells a story of preserving the heritage of icons. Cities, buildings, lifestyles and role models. We create and worship them. All until the next culture or trend takes over and replaces them with new ones.

I was recently in Miami and was impressed by the number of iconic buildings that have been built in that city in past 5 years, from Frank Gehry, Zaha Hadid, Herzog de Meuron…

We are hoping to present this collection at Art Basel this year in Miami. (I will send few pictures/images It's a preview of this collection, its a work in progress)

Aside from that project I am working on a series of sunglasses and also the idea of icons through the glasses, inspired by Chinese culture from architecture to classic movies as “In the mood for love”.

It will be launched in S/S 2019.

What can we expect from Miranda Vukasovic over the next few years? 

I am working on an idea called ELEMENTAL through which I want to express the cycles of creation and life. Its a contemporary performance in which I would love to create and explore the creation in it's 360 degree. Based on the traditional Chinese philosophy of the five fundamental elements - Earth, Metal, Water, Wood and Fire - that underpin our world and between which all interactions occur. The project explores the cyclical nature of transference as earth bears metal, which carries water, which feeds wood, which fuels fire, which then turns back to earth, so the musical elements of the song-cycle wax and wane. Each piece not only defines an element but also carries what has gone before and feeds into what is yet to come, ultimately bringing us back to where we started. Earth - grounded, percussive, solid. Metal - bright, angular, ringing. Water - flowing, smooth, powerful. Wood - resonant, strong, hollow. Fire - warming, unpredictable, consuming. The sonic pallet will slowly widen as each new element is introduced from the remnants of the previous, culminating in the cornerstone piece of the project in which all elements are present.

I would also like to present this cycle visually from accessories to fashion, from design to architecture from object to space from vibration to movement, sound, words, and music.

And hopefully keep on learning and growing so more people can enjoy the honesty of our brand and story and more persons can relate to it. Our goal its create something meaningful and to expand worldwide ( for the moment our jewelry can be found in Beijing, Zurich, and Miami ) 

I would also like to create a collection for a man as it has been on my mind for a while.

Photo credits: Samantha Camozzi 

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