The designer allowing every woman to feel like a princess

The designer allowing every woman to feel like a princess

Mihano Momosa

Fashion brand

Mihano Momosa is a brand devoted to women, giving her the title of a princess and inserting her into a modern-day fairytale. Mihailo Anušić, the fashion designer behind the brand, insists on creating garments that express a woman's individuality. Believing that each lady is unique in her own way, he approaches each design with the same dose of enthusiasm and places her on the throne of her own universe.


You named your brand after your name, what does your name mean to you?

I named it partially after my name, but some of the letters carry different meanings and are symbols of the things, places and people that matter to me.

How did you get into design?

It came natural to me. When I was just a little child I used to spend a lot of time with my aunt who is a seamstress and I fell in love with the craft. Later on, during my college years, I was working as a fashion stylist. I knew all along that design is close to my heart and is what I really wanted to do. After years of educating myself and learning the techniques, I found a courage to launch my first collection, which was a huge success and I got the motivation to carry on.


What is your inspiration when designing a new collection? And how do you decide what materials to use?

I get inspired everywhere, sometimes a song inspires me, or an event, nature itself and then there is love which is an integral part of my creative process. When it comes to materials, the first thing is if it fits my aesthetics (and brand aesthetics for that matter). Secondly, I evaluate whether it can provide maximal comfort. Then I think about the technicalities, and that’s about it.


How would you describe your customers?

Each and every one of them is very unique. But one thing that they all have in common is femininity. They do not always express the femininity the same way, but all of them are quite confident about it and embrace it to the maximum.

If you could dress any person, dead or alive, how would it be and why?

No one in particular. Every single person coming to Mihano Momosa is a part of a dream coming true and I appreciate them all.


How do you think social media impacts the fashion industry?

It made fashion more open, definitely. It sure made Mihano Momosa stand out. However, there is too much content these days, it can be overwhelming, and therefore I believe that some type of a synergy between social media and traditional media needs to exist to enable a system for true art to excel.


Apart from clothes you are also designing bags and jewellery, would you maybe expand even more? Into shoes and eyewear for example?

There is too much work for a new product line to be launched, so until then, I ensure that Mihano Momosa products will be as close to perfection as they can be. I am in a learning process all the time, but I can not say for sure if and when that will happen.


If you could collaborate with any designer who would it be and why?

I am just trying really hard to make Mihano Momosa reach new heights on it’s own, therefore I have no aspirations to work with anyone else at the moment.

What has been your proudest moment of your fashion career so far?

This very moment. When I look back I am just so grateful for the growth of Mihano Momosa and every single event made it possible.


Where do you see your brand in the next 5-10 years?

It is hard to say. I am focused on self-improvement, I wish to see Mihano Momosa getting better than it was the day before. Who knows where that will take me, but I can't wait!


Want to see more of Mihano Momosa? Check out their website, Instagram and Ocotur.

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