Sustainability Should be at the Forefront of any Fashion Brand, MALAIKA

Sustainability Should be at the Forefront of any Fashion Brand, MALAIKA


Malaika Haaning

Fashion Designer

New York-based MALAIKA is a minimalistic and futuristic Scandinavian apparel brand with a focus on sustainable, high-quality garments and accessories. Their progressive mindset is the pillar of everything they design and produce. MALAIKA's goals are long-term wearability and sustainability. Instead of following traditional fashion seasons, the label designs pieces that will be statements now and in the future, and for each garment sold a tree will be planted for the canopy project.

What’s the story behind MALAIKA New York

MALAIKA New York was founded on Earth Day in April 2016, MALAIKA’s garments are designed and handmade in New York with a deliberate, two-fold purpose. Purpose for the wearer and propose for the environment. The brand aims to eliminate environmental detriments by utilizing minimal or zero waste patterns while maximizing wearability by producing a luxe-quality, contemporary line that remains in style now and in the future. For each item sold, a tree is planted for The Canopy Project. 

MALAIKA furthers sustainability efforts by integrating up-cycled materials like plastics and regenerated fabrics. 

Why is sustainability important to your brand?

Sustainability is important for us because the clothing industry is the worlds 2nd most polluting industry and there needs to be done something about it before it’s too late. Sustainability is the backbone of our company which means that all design decisions that we make depend on it. 95% of all of our designs are based on zero waste techniques which means we cannot make a design without it. All our pieces have a sustainability feature which is everything from fabrics, patterns & materials such as up-cycled bike tubes and plastic bags. This is just the beginning we have much more coming.

I think that sustainability should be at the forefront of any fashion brand because we are living in a world that no longer gives the option not to be.

What does having a 'progressive mindset' mean to you?

We are constantly thinking about the future and what it might bring. Our focus is the future both in aesthetics and how we can limit our footprint on the planet. We are new thinkers and we don't believe the way the fashion business have been run for the past decades are sustainable. There are simply too much waste!

What’s the inspiration behind such designs as the Zero Vest?

The inspiration was 'why waste fabric if you don't have to'?

The Zero Vest originated from a zero waste construction class at Parsons The New School Of Design. The assignment was to create a garment with limited to no cutting and we weren't allowed to sew - the result was the zero vest and the foundation for our sustainable mission and company - this is how Malaika New York was founded.

What can we expect from Malaika New York over the next few seasons?

We have only scratched the surface of innovative zero waste designs and up-cycled materials we have many more exciting collections in the loop. We will keep expanding our web in USA and Europa so we can get more customers on our sustainable mission to save the world.

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