Fashion and Photography, Luwei Misa Wang

Fashion and Photography, Luwei Misa Wang


Luwei Misa Wang

Fashion Designer and Photographer

Misa Wang is a fashion designer based in New York City. She uses multiple mediums in her design from 2D and 3D, to handcrafted and machine made. As a fashion designer, she's not limiting herself and works on different kinds of projects for both men's and women's wear, textiles, and accessories design.

What’s your earliest fashion memory?

I’ve always enjoyed and been influenced by crafting. By watching my grandma sewing and knitting at a young age, I started collecting her fabric scraps or unwanted yarn balls and made them into collages. My grandpa is a painter and he would collect my collages, make them more artistic and give them back to me. I think that’s how I started, thus my interest gradually developed into various crafting fields and became more professional.

What is your design aesthetic in three words?

Futuristic, modular, clean.

Your collection “ Looplicated ” really stood out, what’s the inspiration behind this collection?

As you see there are some pieces being photographed in the “Twisted” collection too, because originally they came from the same idea. All the material I used was inspired by the global climate change situation. For example, ice trapped in translucent PVC sheets symbolizes the nature of global warming. As I imagine us as helpless humans floating in a giant steaming bubble. The circular shape represents that more people are fulfilling the goal of recycling all over the world. The combination of necklaces with glasses or lab goggles is to emphasize the role of lab scientists who are working on solving this significant issue of all lives.

Another beautiful collection is “ Twisted ”, take us through the inspiration and theme for this amazing set of pieces.

This collection started from my trip to HongKong. The color and textile are inspired by some photos I took during the trip, as the city looks like its painted by different stroke lines with a grayish blue tone. At the same time I realized the climate change effect is a huge problem in HongKong because the skyscrapers were built serried and when I walked among buildings I felt like in a steamer. But once got into a subway tunnel or any malls, the AC is freezing cold and the heat it created was released to the street again. This inspired me to make a non traditional fashion collection that has summer and winter pieces together. For, example, I chose the thinest fabric like the nude mesh for the top and pair it with a fur-covered jeans or a summer overall with a giant sleeves fur jacket. I hope this collection could be an artistic interpretation that we already lost our original way of wearing because of the climate change.

You’re also a photographer - how do you feel this impacts your creative process? For example, do you find the aesthetic of a collection holds greater importance because of this?

Yes, I definitely feel photography has a great impact on design. During the conceptual stage of every collection, besides of thinking whom would wear it, I would always picture the final photograph or lookbook in my mind. And that keeps changing along with my design process but gives me a more clear vision of what kind of aesthetic I’m trying to approach or what figure I’m looking for. As a designer, I feel grateful to shoot my work professionally, because the communication is within myself and it’s the best way to achieve what I want.

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