Interview with fashion stylist and beauty blogger, Luisa Hackney

Interview with fashion stylist and beauty blogger, Luisa Hackney


Luisa Hackney

Fashion stylist and beauty blogger

For Luisa Hackney, working in fashion wasn't a career choice, but a fate she could not resist. Growing up playing dress up with friends, she always knew she would end up being involved in fashion. Although Luisa only graduated from her Fashion Styling course at Southampton Solent University last year, she has already become somewhat of a fashion social media guru, amassing over 25,000 followers on Instagram, 12,000 on Twitter and over 40,000 views on her Youtube videos. Read this interview to find out more about Luisa's "less is more" beauty advice as well as the fashion trends that make her tick. 

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What inspired you to go into fashion styling?

It's funny as a few weeks ago, my parents moved houses and found a picture of me and my friend when we were six years old playing dress-up. However, instead of dressing up in Disney costumes, we were dressing up with my mother's real clothes! So I think it must have been around that time that I decided to go into fashion styling. Apart from that, my mother has always been really stylish and she has had a huge influence on me. I started studying Fashion Photography at university as that's initially what I thought I would end up doing as a career. However, ten days into my fashion photography course I realised it was not for me and switched to fashion styling and haven't looked back since!

How was the experience of studying styling at university? Did your course take a more theoretical or practical approach?

What I liked about the Fashion Styling course at Southampton Solent University is that it balanced the two very well. Yes I was taught the history and background of fashion, but I also had the opportunity to work on photoshoots and live briefs with clients. 

What would you say is the most important part of styling a customer?

If I'm styling an individual, the most important part is assessing their body shape and finding the most flattering clothing to accommodate that. It's vital that the customer feels confident. 

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Tell me about your Youtube channel. What made you decide to go into vlogging?

I always wanted to start a Youtube channel, however I didn't think that people would actually be interested in it. After I had built quite a significant following on Instagram, people started to leave comments asking me to make a Youtube video outlining my beauty routine. So I thought, why not try it! I now try to focus my Youtube channel on beauty tips, and my Instagram on styling.  

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Are you ever fearful of accidentally saying something offensive or controversial on social media?

For sure. People get very caught up with the most minor things and they'll hold it against you for years. So I definitely try to be wary of saying anything that could offend anyone. Luckily I haven't had any issues with that so far. 

What are your top beauty tips?

Less is more. With Instagram influencing so many women's beauty routines, I think a lot of girls overdo it and all start to look the same. If you look at the high fashion industry, you notice that models barely wear any makeup. This not only makes it more affordable, but also just looks more beautiful and unique. 

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The top 3 biggest fashion no-gos?

Some people are still trying to make socks in sandals work. If you're wearing sandals with socks, it's clearly too cold to be wearing sandals in the first place. Another big mistake is not dressing according to your body type. Apart from that, extreme pattern clashing is a definite fashion no-go, unless done correctly!

Any particular people you look up to in terms of style?

Two people that come to mind are Olivia Culpo and Romee Strijd, they always look great. 

Favorite beauty brand?

Estee Lauder. 

How do you think social media plays a role on your career and which social media platform do you like most to connect with your fans?

It has definitely had a huge impact on my work. It makes everything you post a lot more reachable. I'll post an image, and almost instantaneously I get a reaction from so many different people. It's also a really great tool to express your personality, you become more than just this lifeless image. If I had to pick my two favorite platforms, I would probably say Instagram and Youtube as using them together creates a lot of synergies.

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Where do you see yourself going professionally in the next five years?

Being at the top. 

What do you define as the top?

Working for luxury fashion magazines. However everything that’s happened to me so far wasn’t planned and sort of just happened. So who knows what the future holds for me!

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Want to find out more about Luisa Hackney? Check out her instagram

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