Creative Chaos: LU LA LOOP

Creative Chaos: LU LA LOOP

Lucy Eggleton

Fashion Designer

Lucy Eggleton is a young designer who is quickly making a name for herself with her unique and electric label LU LA LOOP. The brand is independent, and the pieces are made in London. Her collections radiate a raw, unfiltered energy, but at the same time the looks are undeniably stylish. We got in touch with Lucy to learn more about her brand, her inspirations, and more. Check out the extremely fun interview below!

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Describe a typical LU LA LOOP wearer?

I am not totally sure [haha]. But I get a lot of alternative and young people liking my work. Berliners, the techno crowd. Also musicians and artists.

If you could describe your brand in three words, what would they be?


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Your collections are quite dark and gloomy, yet at the same time they are also very playful, and young. Why do you choose to have this contrast within your work?

It is as if you crawled into my brain. You get it! I think that with any great piece of music, story, artwork or in nature, there is always that juxtaposition. It would be boring to only like one idea or theme. I am a very light and dark person. I feel things very emotionally and I feel like it is very natural to react and choose this way. If anything, these collections choose me.

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Why is the brand called Lu La Loop?

LU LA LOOP came about as I wanted something fun, a little weird and silly.

My friend Catherine calls me LU LA. I just came out with LU LA…..loop. It’s like hula hoops. But with L’s for Lucy. I did not overthink it.

How do you find inspiration for your collections?

Inspiration comes from all around me. Often it will start with me and my headphones. I like to listen to music on my walks. It will just be me, coffee and my headphones on. It is a time where many energies and ideas can collect and I feel excited by that. I love listening to electronic music. With the Disgothteque collection, I was listening to Chris and Cosey Dancing Ghosts and JAPAN “Ghosts”. I was also very into black and white, all the sounds, feelings, the story unfolded from there. I look at youth culture, movies, nature; all sorts of things. It can be a very random mix! That's what I like that about inspiration, it can be anything at any time, it doesn’t even have to make sense.

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How was being featured at Berlin Alternative Fashion week? How does this fashion week differ to the normal fashion weeks?

BAFW was a dream! It was magnetic and exciting. I had the opportunity to work with imaginative, talented people from all over the planet. Everything from the concept, styling, music and direction was fantastic. You are involved in directing the whole thing while working with a team who help you realise your vision and really push it from being a dream, into reality. It is all about expressing your individuality. The event has no rules or boundaries, which is what makes it so unique. Also, a lot of the brands that are featured at BAFW are ethical and run their labels with an ethos against the fast fashion movement by not necessarily working to a set schedule or season. It’s unique. And Berlin...come on! It’s made for LU LA LOOPERS!

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If any celebrities were to wear your garments, who would they be?

I have to say Bjork as she has always inspired me ever since I was little. Further to that, I would say Peaches, Princess Nokia and Noel Fielding. Then, if I were able going to go back to the 80’s, I would say Cyndi Lauper, Ninan Hagen and Siouxsie Sioux!  Die Antwoord would be very cool too, especially in Disgothteque black and white pieces!

Lastly, I would absolutely love love love to make a fun collection for a Taika Waititi film. I could go on and on! There are so many amazing people I would love to wear my brand, especially more musical and independent artists. I get so much joy working with powerful independent artists. That’s also why I love working with people like my friend Aja.

How about the person you look up to most?

My friends, my boyfriend, family. I look up to anyone who is getting stuff done. Fighting and pushing forward through hard times. I really admire the strength in the human spirit and positivity! I find the creative world very crazy and hard at times. But I have got to keep going and keep fighting. I do not think we are here on the planet to just work a standard 9 to 5 job. But whatever works for you!

If you could describe your brand as a type of music, what would it be?

Pretty cool question, maybe one of my favorites from any interview! I do not really know how to answer this though, 80’s, raw, techno, dance-y, punky glaciers, an emotional messy dark glittery coven [haha]. I just asked my boyfriend, and he said euro-trash. I think and hope he is kidding! According to my friend Mike, it's a retro future stomp of 80’s infused cyberglam.

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Favorite fashion designer?

I like quite a few. I have always loved Bernhard Willhelm, Comme Des Garcons and Moonspoon Saloon. I also admire a lot of Japanese and Korean brands such as  Sankuanz. I love to look back at 80’s fashion brands too. It was more exciting! The typical catwalks and high street norms do not inspire me at all.

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If you want to find out more about LU LA LOOP, check out the label's website and Ocotur


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