Audacity, Pioneer, Persistent - Leonard Wong

Audacity, Pioneer, Persistent - Leonard Wong

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Leonard Wong

Fashion Designer

How did you get into fashion design?

I’ve always been looking forward to learning fashion design, which is why I came to study in Bunka Fashion College. From that point on, I came to realize that you could really achieve what you want if you try it so hard, of course, it’s not 100% guarantee, but it’s worth doing. That is to say, we can't connect the dots looking forward, we can only connect them looking backwards. That’s the reason I got the Tokyo fashion design award. With the passion and vision, I started to run business, to create my own brand after I graduated. 

What’s the story behind Leonard Wong?

As a matter of fact, I don’t think I'm studying material, frankly, being taught by rules is never an opinion to me. What I would like to do is try something new and look for something special, that really helps with getting into the industry I’m in. I prefer to spend a lot of time on the things I’m interested in doing as opposed to putting a lot of effort into studying. In retrospect, I benefit from this a lot, for example, I don’t learn things by theory, I learn things by practice, that’s part of the reason why I was able to get into the well-known university Bunka Fashion College in the first place as a green hand during that time. Another thing worth mentioning is my family, I was not raised by a rich family, but my parents did whatever it took to support me, so my parents’ support means a lot to me, I don’t really want to let them down, the reason I am eager to win has a lot to do with my parents’ expectations in a sense.

Describe the Leonard Wong aesthetic in three words?

I would say audacity, pioneering, persistant.

As a designer, what are your major influences?

Definitely not the market place, I’d like to inspire people, that’s why I’ve always been going through a lot of things people would not do and I’d like to show them by being the first one to try, I think that’s what the word pioneer is all about. I suppose it might be quite different from other brands, but this is how I get motivated, that’s why I like the word “Pioneer” so much.

What is your design philosophy?

The word pioneer could really well explain my philosophy, from my perspective, pioneer cares so much about the whole process, not the outcome, what happens eventually doesn’t really matter, what really matters is the things you have been through along the way. I don’t think pursuing the success deliberately would ever work, the best way to succeed is to try and do the best we possibly could because there’s no shortcut to success, success comes naturally with effort, not something else.

How would you describe the typical Leonard Wong wearer?

I would say they must be quite confident, willing to try something new, something different. They must be those people who are able to see through the appearance to perceive the essence.

What are you currently working on?

Recently, I did some costume designs for movies, and I worked as a producer on some movie stuff as well. Besides, I’ve also been invited to get involved in industrial design with new technology for some companies. I’ve been working very closely with them.

What can we expect from Leonard Wong over the next few years?

There's a lot in the future. For example, the latest fashion film being released in August, and the movie coming out next year, you could see my costume design in then. Other than that, some crossover that I do with other companies. Last but not least, the customized design for celebrities is something people could also expect, because we have spent a lot of time on it, let’s see what we could achieve!

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