The Designers At The Front of The Denim Revival

The Designers At The Front of The Denim Revival

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Ksenia Schnaider


What’s the story behind Ksenia Schnaider?
I was working on a different line for ten years before I met Anton, he was working as a graphic
designer and art director for major creative companies in Russia. When we met I had been starting to feel I had outgrown my previous brand and needed something different. At first, Anton was both helping me and tending to his other projects, but with time he became a full-time part of the brand as well.

As designers what are your main influences?
The environment, like most people, I think. We are also influences by Kyiv and the city life, Ukraine, the mentality here, our friends and, most of all, by the internet.

What does having a sustainable brand mean to you?
We are very concerned with the global consumerism issue that we have at the moment. The quality of the goods decreased dramatically and no one is thinking about consequences.
In the first place, we are still designers, but we do our best to be responsible about it.

Describe the typical Ksenia Schnaider wearer?
I like to describe the brand as effortlessly cool. Our customer is a girl who has tons on her to do list, but she still wants to look great at all times. She spends time looking for the perfect cut, so she doesn’t have to sweat it in a rush before a meeting or a night out.

Tell us about your Corruption collection?
“Corruption” first started as a joke. The main idea is that everyone is exporting what they have an
excess of. For Ukraine it’s corruption. At one point in the recent history, it seemed like the word was more popular than the word “love”. It’s both sad and funny!

What are you currently working on?
Besides working on the new collection we are developing a capsule collection made from organic
denim. Meaning the production of the fabric was controlled at every stage and every stage was
sustainable and ethical. We are very excited to share it with the world.

What can we expect from Ksenia Schnaider over the next few years?
In the future, we are planning to expand internationally. Also, we are going to introduce a menswear line and accessories. Until the end of the current year, we are planning to move to a new studio and add to the production team. We produce a lot ourselves, so this will help us make the production run more smoothly and allow us to be even more flexible.

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