Timeless, Emotional, Thoughtful - Knitbrary

Timeless, Emotional, Thoughtful - Knitbrary



Fashion Designer

How did you get into fashion?

I studied design and worked for different companies, then in 2011, I started Knitbrary, which for me goes beyond fashion in the traditional sense. I wouldn’t say I’m in fashion. I am a creative person and design for me must be more than an aesthetic.

What’s the story behind Knitbrary?

Knitbrary was born out of a need to create with thought and responsibility. Composed of the words knit and library it is a commitment to create an archive of the finest yarns in the world, always hand in hand with the local artisans.

Knitbrary is located in A Coruña, Spain, but we create all our pieces in our workshop in Arequipa, Peru, which has become our second home and is the origin of the exceptional yarns of Knitbrary (Vicuña, baby alpaca, royal alpaca, alpaca suri and pima cotton).

Describe the Knitbrary aesthetic in three words

Timeless, emotional, dedicated and thoughtful in every detail.

As a designer, what are your major influences?

I am very observant and curious. I pay close attention to everything around me, even the tiniest insignificant happenings, and of course I draw inspiration from all my memories.

What is your design philosophy?

Beauty created in a beautiful way: Our designs give prominence to the yarns’ superb natural quality, as well as the artisans’ extremely delicate handiwork, which we deeply admire and strive to preserve. Each of our pieces is numbered as part of a very limited edition and comes with a card, which we personalize for each client. It’s all in the details...

How would you describe the typical Knitbrary wearer?

I have no idea, but I like to think that it’s someone likeminded. Someone who shares our passion and who really appreciates the way we create each piece and who wants to treasure it forever.

What are you currently working on?

On many things at the same time, as usual: The most exciting news is probably that we’ve opened our own workshop in Arequipa this year, now counting on a bigger team.

We have only recently developed a new coat edition, made from very rare baby suri alpaca.

There were the trade shows Tranoï in Paris and Pitti Uomo in Florence last month.

Apart from that we’re currently developing the new color charts for AW19/20, organizing our next photo shoot, there’s the next trade show in Paris in September, and a lot more.

What can we expect from Knitbrary over the next few years?

We have many plans and new ideas in mind, even a few collaborations. Our dream is to replicate our experience in new destinations so as to extend our archive.



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