Contemporary Yet Timeless Jackets - Jungwon

Contemporary Yet Timeless Jackets - Jungwon



Fashion Designer

What’s the story behind Jungwon NY?   

I have been living in and out of NYC for over a decade and have been working in the city for some time. Every morning I take the subway and walk several blocks to the office. I sometimes enjoy my commute, but when the weather is not friendly, it is really troublesome getting out in the wind or in the rain. The weather in NYC has been less predictable and I have been looking for a jacket or coat that I can depend on for many years. I saw many high performance outwear garments in specialty stores for serious outdoors but they were not for my everyday work clothes. As a designer working in the city, I needed a great look. I needed more than just a raincoat or windbreak. I looked for outerwear that I can wear regardless of the destination but it was so hard and my patience ran out. I stopped to look and started to make one for myself. I worked as an outwear designer and had the knowledge and skills to make them. But this time I looked for different fabric and materials. I wanted to make outerwear that can protect me from wind or rain and also machine-washed at home.  It was challenging from the beginning but very rewarding.

Describe your aesthetic in three words

Stylish, simple, practical

As a designer, what are your main influences?

I am influenced by anything because we are all connected. However, I mainly get ideas from the past and color, i.e. costumes, history, cultures, and also great designers, like Balenciaga. My background was fine art before fashion design, so I always crave color, and also something that tells me a story or sets a mood.

Why is being sustainable important to your brand?

First of all, I simply feel good about it, it's also great to be a part of the “sustainability” for our next generation. As a society, we waist so much and it already impacts our world .So I’m doing what I can do now to use recycled membrane.

Describe the typical Jungwon NY wearer

A sophisticated and professional commuter to the city, such as a New Yorker.


What can we expect from Jungwon NY over the next few seasons?

You will see styles that combine multiple occasions, somewhat casual and formal. Color choice will be mixed bright and neutral.

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