Chic Is In The Details -  Julie Paulino

Chic Is In The Details - Julie Paulino

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Julie Paulino

Jewellery and Interior Designer

How did you get into Jewellery design?

My initiation into jewelry design came when I moved with my family to Brazil for three years.  I always loved jewelry and fashion accessories and wanted to do something creative while living abroad, especially in a country with so many natural resources.  My primary career is Interior Design, that's why many Tyche pieces refer to industrial design.  So before moving overseas, I was used to being creative and busy.  Living in a new country with a different language can be intimidating so learning to make jewelry gave me a sense of control and a channel to meet locals.  I went ahead and enrolled in a goldsmith class which taught me the fundamental, traditional way of making metal jewelry.  I had a great time, but soon realized that it would take me a long time to finish one pair of earrings, so I continued taking the classes but had local artisans develop my collection.  That's how Tyche Jewelry came to fruition.  After Brazil we moved to Munich, Germany, that's when I started producing Tyche in New York City by a family-run atelier. 

As a designer, what are your greatest influences? 

Nature is a constant source of inspiration to me as well as sculptural art and architecture. 

Tell us about your mantra "chic is in the details"? 

Details make everything come to life.  It's what complements a room or an outfit; it can also destroy it.  "Chic is in the Details" brings attention to the importance of finishes and final touches.  


Describe the typical wearer of your jewellery? 

A Tyche Jewelry woman lives a modern life but doesn't forget traditions; she is an avid traveler and very family-centered.  She combines jeans with a Hermes Kelly bag effortlessly.

What do you hope to achieve over the next 5 years? 

So many dreams it's hard to narrow them down.  First, on the deeper level, I want to continue working on being a better human being by giving back to the community.  I also have always dreamed of owning a store.


Want to see more of Julie Paulino? Check out her website

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