Geometric, Clean, Sport-Delux - JNORIG

Geometric, Clean, Sport-Delux - JNORIG



Fashion Designer

How did you get into fashion design?

I always felt very connected to Design, Fashion, and Art. Illustration helped me adapt to German culture and learn the language when we moved to Germany when I was only 12 years old. It interested me at an early age and as an adolescent, I took courses and studied technical drawing at school. I almost studied architecture for my love of geometry and structures, but I saw my profile as more creative than technical leading to my decision to study fashion design. The signs were clear, I recognized at an early age that illustration inspired stories within me that I wanted to tell.

What is the story behind JNORIG?

JNORIG was born in 2017 with my first collection, spring summer 2018 “Two Opposite Worlds”, and the name JNORIG is a joint of the J of Javier and NORIG is my last name Giron read from right to left.

My brand is the set of ideas and concepts to which I feel connected and passionate, starting with my love for architecture, especially Brutalism and Modular architecture, which is the career that I wanted to study at first. I opted for something more artistic because of my other facet and the background that I have in my family of dressmakers.

Moving from Colombia, where I was born, to Germany at the age of 12 had a great impact on the way I look at the world. The contrasts, the differences between cultures, anthropology and social behavior created in me a curiosity to know more, to travel to new places and stimulated me to keep learning, a drive I still have today in my personal life but also reflected in my work.

Describe the JNORIG aesthetic in three words

Geometric, Clean, Sport-Delux

As a Designer, what are your major influences?

I think every designer has different influences, for me, it's culture in general. I have a clean, graphic and sporty aesthetic. In all my collections these elements can be found creating a play on minimalist and geometry. But the inspiration always changes. The collections that we have presented up until now have all merged cultures. The silhouettes that I like and inspire me to create interesting and at the same time commercial garments. As I mentioned before, my curiosity to know different cultures, study their behavior, their clothing and overall how the human being has developed, is a source that I will continue to use as inspiration.

What is your Design Philosophy?

At the core of JNORIG is a very precise pattern developed carefully for each garment. We design for a young, innovative male that takes risks in his own style. Playing with symmetry, minimal silhouettes and straight lines, our garments require a carefully thought out pattern and execution.

How would you describe the Typical JNORIG wearer?

I think the client is a guy who is sure of himself, he feels good in his own body, he takes care of his image but not in an excessive way. But in the end we are open to anyone who feels they can identify with the brand.

Tell us about your AW 18 A WHITE CARACAL Collection

In this collection, I wanted to merge cultures and I was very struck by those cultures that live under extreme climatic conditions. So I focused on the Inuits of Northern Canada and the Semites of the Arab territory, I fuse cuts and typical characteristics of the clothing of the two cultures as well as the environment in which they live and their languages.

For example, in some garments I wanted to print the phrase "White Cat" in Arabic and in Inuit signs, referring to this fantastic desert cat, that being white could exist in the north pole. We also transformed its face into a print, a more linear and minimalist graphic.

Also, we created a graphic that represents a cracked area that can be interpreted as a dry land surface or ice when it breaks.

What Are you currently working on?

We are working on our New SS19 Collection called “Complex-Minimalism” We will be showcasing this Collection at CIFF Copenhagen and in Vancouver Fashion Week with our Show for the First time. “Keep it up”!!

What can we expect from JNORIG over the next few years?

We are working hard to make a name for ourselves internationally, to expand our market to Germany, which is my country of origin and Asia, also to continue being present in the main fashion cities, Paris, Milan, New York, London.

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