Isabel Englebert: avant garde couture jewellery for the bold

Isabel Englebert: avant garde couture jewellery for the bold

Isabela Englebert

Jewellery designer

Today we spoke with Isabel Englebert, the power woman who merged her corporate background with a passion for jewellery to create a unique and bold line of her own! Originally from Argentina, Isabel also has a background as a fashion model. When asked why she decided to go into jewellery as opposed to other streams of fashion, she says "jewellery lets me be more creative, there’s less tendency to follow strict guidelines. And beyond that, it’s more personal". Her jewellery is already selling at established retailers such as Harvey Nicholas and Wolf & Badger, and we are excited to share our interview with her. 


Describe your style of design in three words:

Avant garde, unique, bold.

What got you into fashion?

I always loved fashion. I started as a model, and then when I moved into the corporate world I travelled a lot, which I used to explore different cultures, design and fashion. Later on in 2012, I decided to focus solely on fashion.

Describe a typical wearer of Isabel Englebert jewellery.

A fashion-forward person, who is not afraid to stand out. 


What inspired your decision to focus on jewellery? 

I also designed clothes, but jewellery lets me be more creative, there’s less tendency to follow strict guidelines. And beyond that, it’s more personal.

What’s the most challenging part of your creative process?

To focus on one collection, I tend to like more than one thing at a time, and I end up designing 4 collections at the same time.

Where do you generally find inspiration? 

Traveling, culture, and museums. 


What’s your favourite piece in your current collection?

The Calatrava earrings, inspired by the tenuous engineer.

Do you have any role models and or influences?

I love Alexander McQueen!


What would you change about the fashion industry at the moment?

It's an industry, so it’s based on earning money of course, which is fine. However I still like the feel of the small businesses, with unique, handmade pieces. 


What can we expect of Isabel Englebert over the next few seasons?

Anything and everything! I love designing a lot of things, for example I am now working with some vintage original Kimonos, and adding metal Obis.


Want to see more of Isabel Englebert? Check out her website and Ocotur.

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