A talk with one of Serbia's most promising fashion designers, Igor Jagych

A talk with one of Serbia's most promising fashion designers, Igor Jagych

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Fashion designer Igor Jagych was born in 1989 in Belgrade, Serbia. Having studied Industrial Design at the Singidunum University, fashion was not an expected route for him. However, after working as a professional model, textiles designer and stylist, as well as having designed costumes for the award-winning short film 'Priority', it became evident that a successful career in fashion would follow. From 2014 to 2016, he was already making a career abroad as the creative director of a fashion brand in Zurich and recently, started his own eponymous brand, which we are excited to share the story of with you. 


You named your brand after yourself, what does your name mean to you?

Well, that is a very lovely story. My name, for me, is the greatest power I have. The roots of my name are aristocratic. All my ancestors were very posh and huge admirers of fashion.

Did you study design? If not, what made you decide to start designing?

Yes I studied design, but not fashion design. I have a degree in Industrial Design. I like to say that I dedicated my life to fashion. First I was modelling for eight years, then when I finished my degree, I started to do design.


Where do you get inspiration from for your new collections?

I get inspiration from every corner of my life, from meditation, people around me, nature etc. I think that people need to be inspired, not to be good at work in first place but to be in balance with themselves in order to achieve dreams and goals.

What is the typical “Igor Jagych” customer?

The “IGOR JAGYCH” brand is dedicated to strong and confident women with dreams. She knows her power and she knows what belongs to her. She is in charge!


How did you come up with the name “blue blood” for you collection? 

To pay homage to my family.

How do you think social media impacts the fashion industry? 

I am a huge lover of social media, and am definitely addicted to it. We are really blessed by the internet and the different social media platforms available because it is a beautiful way to present your work and directly connect with your customer. Whatever you do with social media, the response is almost instantaneous.


If you could dress any person, dead or alive, who would it be and why?

Kristen Stewart. I love her personality and energy. I think she is very talented and beautiful with a huge power to transform. I think we have a lot in common.

If you could collaborate with any designer who would it be and why?

I love this question. I wish I could collaborate with Alessandro Michele because of his wonderful aesthetic which for me is very inspirational, just like a fairytale. And Olivier Rousteing, because I love his futuristic vibe.


What has been one of your proudest moments of your fashion career so far? 

The moment when I said to myself that it was time to start my own brand and to start following my dreams. So I quit the Swiss brand for which I was the menswear creative director, and started building up my own brand from scratch.

Where do you see your brand in the next 5-10 years?

 If I can be immodest, I see it rocking the runways of London, Paris, Milan…I can’t wait!


Want to find out more about Igor Jagych? Check out his website

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