Past errors bring power to the future

Past errors bring power to the future



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The Errors of Youth brand is not for the weak or the cowardly. The brand believes that past errors bring power to the future and future is freedom. We always love interviewing a brand with a powerful message and Errors of Youth is definitely one of them. Here to speak about how the head designer almost forwent his talent in fashion for a career in economics, is an interview with Igor Ilijovski.. 


Tell me why you named your brand Errors of Youth.

The story of the brand and its name originates in the vision and personal experience of its founders who bravely state the ordinary errors of youth, because we all dare to error and there is nothing brave on the safe side. They do believe that past errors bring power to the future and future is freedom. And freedom is youth. After all creative members of the team spent years working in the fashion industry, now they all have mature vision for the brand’s future development. And the result is uncompromised high-quality guilt-free fashion, which offers status and comfortable perception.


Who is a typical Errors of Youth wearer?

The fashion forward trend setters, status seekers, explorers, adventurers, party-goers and sport addicts.


How did you get into fashion?

Considering that the majority of my family are artists, the sense of aesthetics was perhaps naturally instilled in me. I traveled with my parents to different countries and I remember how I admired the architecture, the people, the beautiful windows and the big brands. Returning home, I always recreated the impressions through drawings. I still do it today. So the question is rather how did I get into economics…

After I missed the entry dates for fashion exams in Zagreb and was already late for my application in any other country, I signed up to study economics with a slight persuasion from my parents (laughs). At the beginning, the course seemed quite different and intriguing, but in time my temper prevailed and I went back to the "right path"– fashion. Today I can say that this slight deviation is an important part of my development as a designer and taught me how to turn my creativity into a business.


What’s one of your favorite designs from your own collection?

I couldn’t say I have a favorite. There is a part of me in every piece of each collection and it’s a part of the story I tell. But the most expressive pieces are the dresses. They expose the most of my essence.

If you could describe your brand as a type of music, what would it be?

 Alternative-indie-electronic-punk-rock-soul (laughs)


Why did you choose to collaborate with Gio Dev’s #Revolt shoes for your Collection #1?

Gio is a great shoe designer and I respect and look up to him and the design of revolt fit perfectly with the concept and message of our collection.

Tell me about the inspiration behind Collection #1.

Collection #1 is inspired by the new urban characters whose secret strength is the passion for challenges and the study of audacity. They reveal their individuality through their style, coming out of their comfort zone to embark on new fascinating worlds. Freedom is part of their character, reflected in the seemingly avant-garde silhouette and intricately constructed lines, the play with thrill, the fearless mix of fabrics and textures. Open to the infinite black universe, they add a cool presence through a metallic bumper, while the night lights reassure the dark velvet.


If you could have any celebrity wear your pieces, who would you want it to be?

FKA and Grimes.

What helps you find inspiration for your designs?

 Music, travelling and people in general.

What can we expect from Errors of Youth in the next five years?    

We will be launching our next collection with a huge twist and we are working on a number of exciting collaborations with upcoming artists. We’ll also be expanding into the Asian markets, most particularly Japan, Korea and China, as well as the US and Canada. Stay tuned!


Want to find out more about Errors of Youth? Check out their website and Ocotur


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