The One Comment Ignited Everything - DOBS NY

The One Comment Ignited Everything - DOBS NY



Fashion Designer

What’s your earliest fashion memory?

 As a child, I was always artistic. I used to keep a sketchbook where I would write and illustrate stories. I paid particular attention to the details of the character outfits. One day as I was drawing my mother came across the sketchbook she said: “you know this is a job, it’s called fashion design.” The comment leads to a lifetime of research. I begged to visit the library so I could read foreign fashion magazines. Every fashion week I would run to our computer after school to watch the videos of the runway shows. The Galliano and McQueen shows would be the most anticipated. I would watch them as many times as possible before my computer time was up. The one comment ignited everything.

What’s the story behind DOBS NY? 

The beginning of DOBS NY was actually an accident. I had aspired to design for myself but never anticipated it happening so quickly. After completing a degree at Parsons I went to work for a couture company in Amsterdam. When I returned to New York a developing e-commerce app asked me to design a ready to wear collection inspired by my thesis for their launch. In exchange, they would promote me as a designer, so I did. In two weeks I made a capsule collection, photographed it, launched it. To my surprise, people began to take interest and I’ve been following the breadcrumbs ever since.

Describe your aesthetic in three words

Romantic, Nostalgic, Provocative

What does it mean for fashion to be a metaphor?

For me fashion is not just about clothes. I consider myself an artist and fashion as my medium of choice. The pieces I create embody a story, that is what fashion is about for me, the story. Every garment created is symbolic of representing the story of a brand to the state of the economy at that point in time. It’s a reflection of society, our values, what people want, what people need, and so much more. Fashion is powerful.

As a designer, what are your main influences?

DOBS NY is an acronym for Dates of Births in Sequence. The brand exists as a physical timeline. My work is reflective of the world around me and creating is my method of communicating points in time. 

Tell us about the Persephone collection

The Persephone collection was developed to re-interpret my wearable art project Irreversible Intricacy. Irreversible Intricacy was constructed from repurposed textiles and dyed with food waste to question the idea of garbage and emphasize how we are not disposable. In order to translate this idea for the consumer, I found inspiration in Persephone. A well-known mythological figure who even in her own stories is underestimated. Persephone is a delicate nymph but all-powerful in that she brings the world its seasons. Specifically, when she emerges Persephone brings us Spring. The collection is intentionally overtly feminine playing on the ideas of winter/spring between color palette and fabrication. The Persephone collection is currently available online and at ABC Carpet and Home.

Describe the typical DOBS NY wearer

A collector

What can we expect from DOBS NY over the next few seasons?

DOBS NY will begin to transition within the next few years. We are stepping away from commercial fashion and focusing more on wearable art. We are currently developing our latest series The Wake for this fall.

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