Draping, Drawing, Dramatic - Divka

Draping, Drawing, Dramatic - Divka

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Fashion Designer

How did you get into fashion design?

When I was in high school, during the nineties, I was fascinated by designers who were working in Paris fashion week around that time. I was looking forward to the creation that unfolds every season there, and I came to want to be such a designer. When I was working at Yohji Yamamoto, I met Motoyuki Matsumoto who is a partner and pattern maker in Divka. After that, I set up Divka with him.

What’s the story behind Divka?

Actually, there is no particular meaning for Divka. That name is what we created. I wanted to make a name I’d never heard before. 

Describe the Divka aesthetic in three words

Draping, Drawing, Dramatic.

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As a designer, what are your major influences?

What is most affected right now is the spirits of Takehara Pistol who is a singer songwriter.

What is your design philosophy?

I has aimed to create new and beautiful clothes because we believe new things and beautiful things have power to move and inspire people. In order to create such clothes, we have made experiments at each collection. I always have tried to break the rules of clothes-making, sometimes in a big way and in a small way at other times to create new designs. There is draping as one of the core of the attempt. It sharping the sense, and it creates shapes according to the sense. Divka is seeking to create clothes that are yet to be known – even by us.

How would you describe the typical Divka wearer?

There is a very wide range of people in the customers. Commonly though it's women with their own style. In fact I've even heard of mothers and daughters sharing garments!

Tell us about your ‘dramatica’ collection

Our collection for this season called “dramatica” started from questioning the direction of our ideal clothes-making, based on our recent continuous theme of compatibility between design and function. Throughout the period of our clothes-making for the collection, we had one thing in our mind: what is the “elegance” which Divka expresses? We have come to the conclusion that it should be the expression of beauty without déjà vu. We have consistently put the focus on designing garments three-dimensionally. This process is the same as creating the body image covered with garments. This body image is not fixed or stable but varies continuously through the interaction of movement of the body and clothes. The joy and surprise of wearing special garments is having the image of the body change and create new images. We have sought to create such clothes that serve as a catalyst for the change. 

What are you currently working on?
We are working on 2019 Spring/Summer collection to be released in September.

What can we expect from Divka over the next few years?
That our clothes are sold all over the world.

Moi.LeRoi, Clothing Engineer

Moi.LeRoi, Clothing Engineer

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