Capes for Everyman & Everywoman - Catbat

Capes for Everyman & Everywoman - Catbat



Fashion Designer

How did you get into fashion design?

My background is in Studio Art, specifically Sculpture. I didn’t get interested in designing clothes until I moved to New York. You can take risks here, and we notice and appreciate each other for it! It’s a creativity that’s accessible, and I was drawn to that.  

As a designer, what are your major influences?

I love to watch people, how they move in their clothes.  I try to see how they see themselves. Are they feeling beautiful? Powerful? Anonymous?

Catbat Shop gets its name from the lost gnostic card that portrayed a hybrid creature, with wings like a bat.

What is your design philosophy?

Because I’m thinking about how people will live in my designs, I like to include a certain amount of flexibility - I want people to make it their own.  As a genderless brand, I bring in both traditionally feminine and masculine elements and mix them into something new. I’m attracted to silhouettes that can be played in multiple directions, depending on the person or the day.

Why the focus on capes?

Capes have a long history. They appear in myths and lore. People will tell me-  “I love capes”- they evoke such a strong emotional response, and I believe it’s because capes are enigmatic.  They conceal, but they also make a statement.

What are you currently working on?

I’m researching the history of witches and forgotten constellations. I’m planning photoshoots for new capes to be released this Fall.  I’ve introduced some new fabrics-- cashmere, a super-soft flannel, a striped shirting.

What can we expect from Catbat Shop over the next few years?

This year we are introducing warm-weather fabrics, a short version of our original design, and new patterns and bolder colors - so it’s going to be a big year! We’ll be launching a new style each month. Beyond that, I’m collecting vintage capes that will be available for purchase alongside our capes on our online shop, and we’ll be selling artwork inspired by forgotten star lore.

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