My Greatest Inspirations Are People Who Are Brave And True To Their Lives, BUMESI

My Greatest Inspirations Are People Who Are Brave And True To Their Lives, BUMESI



Fashion Designer

Dru Blumensheid, the creative mind behind BUMESI, is an Australian-American artist & filmmaker based in New York City. Blumensheid graduated with a Bachelors of Fine Arts from the Savannah College of Art & Design in 2007. From 2007- 2014 she resided in Melbourne, Australia, where she found an art & model collective called the BUMESI Collective. She creates within the mediums of film, photography, fashion design and performance. Her videos and short films are created with the BUMESI Collective, which focuses on a sense of place within global locations, socio-political reflections and futurism. 

What’s the story behind BUMESI?

BUMESI began in 2009 when I was living in Melbourne, Australia. I wanted to make clothes for my musician friends and my creative collective that they could wear in my photo shoots and videos. BUMESI is a name I created from my last name, breaking it down in a sort of code. I’ve created a visual language through this “code” where art, fashion and social political fragments collide. 9 years later, I’ve developed BUMESI into an international focus brand and collective, now based in NYC. After years of traveling, I had collected various materials and fabrics from all around the globe so I wanted to make use of them by creating special one of a kind garments that would be worn with cross cultural pride and bravery, that could be worn anywhere.

How have your experiences as both a photographer and filmmaker influenced you?

Film and photography are more of my primary practices in my work and they influence everything in my designs. From the movement of the clothing that is captured in the videos and imagery to the texture, the form of the fabric that lays on the body, the stories that are told in my films and the way that design, movement and capturing moments work together. I started making films and taking photos since I was in high school, and have always loved fashion and its expression, but I did not develop this until I moved to Melbourne after college. The avant-garde style of Melbourne at the time that I moved there in 2007 was very inspiring for me and as I continued to make an experimental film over there I wanted to be a part of the avant-garde by creative everything that was in my films. 

What do you feel is your greatest inspiration?

My greatest inspirations are people who are brave and true to their lives, that don’t give a shit about what anyone thinks or does against them. People that are strong, independent individuals, that travel the world freely and discreetly yet still remain true to themselves. This is what inspires me. A mysterious sexiness. I am also sadly inspired by the way that society is now, all around the world, and how it negatively affects people and cultures, mainly to make a message and a suggestion to not follow it and its norms. 

You’re also the founder of the creative crew ‘The Bumesi Collective’ what sort of work
does this collective do?

The BUMESI Collective is a group of models, designers, dancers, actors, visual artists and musicians, working mainly in film and design collaborations. I started this in Melbourne with my creative friends there but have now brought it over to NYC. Anyone who is involved with the collective is part of an cultural and creative alliance with in any of the collaborators, whom they’ve met or not, where we network with each other, sharing ideas and exhibiting eachother’s work. 

What do you hope to achieve with BUMESI over the next few years?

I am very focused of developing BUMESI into a more sustainable brand working with indigenous textile makers to recycling fabric and working more on making clothes that last and are timeless to design aesthetics. I would love to see BUMESI be a progressive fashion brand that can be worn and identified across the glove by its shapes and forms and of corse by the strong people who wear them. 

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