The Memory of Studying Chinese Ink, Baiyang Luo

The Memory of Studying Chinese Ink, Baiyang Luo

Baiyang Luo is a fashion designer specialized in knitwear. In most of her collections, she was inspired by artworks from various artists. But what influenced her the most is her own culture,  Beijing, China. "I have a free-spirit, definitely. I don't like to over-control myself by doing a specific style or to use a specific color for my design. I like to try new technique and to explore for each season, also I like to create a story for each of my collections." She likes to focus on using high-quality materials and to pay attention to the details. "Making mistakes is a way to improve. I learn from mistakes and failure." Baiyang's graduation work was also selected to be presented in both Neiman Marcus and in Beijing National Stadium (Bird's Nest) which was where the 2008 Beijing Olympic games were held.

How did you first get into fashion?

I have been studying and practicing drawing and painting since I was in middle school, also I found myself enjoy making art and enjoying styling myself and my friend at a young age.

Both my parents have great style and enjoy taking me around to see beautiful clothes and art, they inspire me in endless ways and I guess that was the starting point of me getting to know about the fashion industry. 

Eventually, I decided to pursue fashion after graduating from Fine Arts high school.

Do you have different inspirations for your fashion design and photography?


I like to observe people in their daily lives, that is what inspires me the most. I am also inspired by different culture… there is so much in this world to discover and to appreciate. 

With me becoming more mature, I think differently and my inspirations changes as well.

Tell us about your recent collection, Ink?

With this collection, I wanted to trace back to my own culture. 

It all started with my memory of studying Chinese Ink paint when I was a kid. 

I learned how to keep a peaceful mind, how to put just the right amount of strength in my hand to paint. The exchange between black and white, lights and shades…

Most importantly, it's about how peaceful I felt, and to express that peacefulness in an almost poetic way, rather than simply depicting reality. 

How would you describe the typical Baiyang Luo wearer?

I want people to feel protected and secure wearing my clothes. I believe everyone is unique and I want them to feel unique, and comfortable

I imagine my wearer to be sensitive, yet strong in mind.

What do you hope to achieve in the next 5 years?

I like to focus on what I am doing right now and keep pushing myself to be better, that is the most important for me and I believe chances will come.

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