DEBONAIR: a gentleman that exerts confidence, charm, and style.

DEBONAIR: a gentleman that exerts confidence, charm, and style.


Aram Eginliyan


Born and raised in Toronto, Canada with an Armenian background the concepts of style and personal presentation were always part of my upbringing. Although it wasn't until my passion for fashion was sparked that these ideas of presentation and style came to prominent parts of my life and formed who I am today.  

What’s the story behind the debonair dude?

Funnily enough, this is the question that I always have a little laugh at every time I hear. Honestly I was just a young adult who was really interested in fashion and style at the time and was working as a sales lead for a big British, Ted Baker, here in Canada and have always gravitated towards things that were always a little quirky and fun when it came to the way I dressed. For a really really long time, I’d say even until about three of four years ago, I never owned a single black piece of clothing because I just felt like wearing black did not resonate with who I was s a person and so I always chose to wear colour and express myself through colour blocking and loud prints. Thats when people really started to tell me that I had something different to offer and that I should start sharing and writing about some of my outfits but I had absolutely no idea how to do that other than instagram, that is until a near and dear friend of mine who had a really beautiful blog at the time introduced me to the world of blogging and I learned how to start blogging on my own and sure enough before I knew it The Debonair Dude was born. Since then its come a long way though, now I am a fully immersed wardrobe stylist and fashion and style is not only my bread and butter but is my lifestyle and what I truly love about my life and career path and I can only hope styling and sharing my unique take on fashion and style is something I am able to do for a long time.

Describe your style in three words?

I absolutely love this question and it may be my favourite to answer because over time they change so much as my style changes over time but at the moment the three words that have been consistent for quite some time now have been - Unique, Debonair and without a doubt Chameleon. 

As a stylist, what does being stylish mean to you?

To me style and being stylish is something I could define even before I was a stylist and that is that style and being stylish isn’t about the price tag on your clothes or where you’re buying you clothes but its an emotion and a very unique one at that that isn’t about just how you feel but about how you carry yourself. I don’t think it's about what you wear per se at, but about how you carry the clothes and about how you use your choice of clothing expression to tell the world who you are without having a single word leave your mouth. That to me is great style and what being stylish is all about. 

As a personal shopper have you seen a rise in people using your service?

Absolutely. When I first started personal shopping especially here in Canada and mainly in Toronto, it was something that people perceived as a service that only the rich and famous do but again its not about how much money you have but being able to telly ourself that shopping and finding the right clothes for you may not be the easiest task and knowing when and where to reach out for it. I think a lot of people have been understanding that more than ever and is really starting to make personal shopping a form of self care that people do just like going and getting their nails or hair done at the salon. 

Do you have any menswear style tips?

For sure! The concept of core colors which are Navy, Black, White, and Grey is something that I try to install in all my clients because if you have a solid foundation of the four colours you can mix and match to your hearts content and know you have a great rotation of outfits. That and I have a motto I like to live by and that is “When in doubt, white t-shirt it out!” Because a white tee is something that can go from anything to a full suit to a pair of shorts and is always going to be in style. 

Tell us about your work with @dothedaniel

Well, @dothedaniel is lifestyle platform that I contribute on as a fashion editor and actually just came back from an amazing trip to Tokyo from just this past week! Their motto is “real people doing real things.” And is such a fun place to work and share some of my thoughts because in the world of writing and blogging things can get a little fake and saturated per say and its nice to be able to work and contribute to an international Canadian platform that really works hard to showcase the reality behind the glitz and glam that can come with the world of influencing and blogging.

How do you see the role of the personal shopper changing over the ext few years?

As I mentioned it's a growing industry that is changing more and more every day as peoples perceptions about the service itself grows and evolves as well. I think more and more people will be interested in the service as the stigma about hiring a personal shopper changes and of course that as fast fashion and the luxury industry both change, grow and evolve as well it makes my role as stylist and personal shopper more fun and exciting as well in discovering what brands have available for some of my clientele!

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