Interviewing Italian haute couture expert, Annagemma Lascari

Interviewing Italian haute couture expert, Annagemma Lascari


Annagemma Lascari

Fashion designer

Creative director and designer, Annagemma Lascari is one of the leading women of Italian haute couture. Having created her own successful haute couture brand, collaborated with top fashion houses, including Dior, Capucci and Ferré, and directed the Fashion Management department at Domus Academy, you could say Annagemma knows the haute couture industry inside out. Here to speak about some of the highlights of her career and her road to sartorial success, is an interview with Annagemma Lascari.

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Who is a typical Atelier Lascari wearer?

A self-conscious woman, aware of what she feels most confident in and aware that by choosing a dress made by Annagemma Lascari she’ll get either a chic flawless style outfit and a passionate super-professional ready to guide, advice and meet all her desires.


How and when did you get into fashion?

I've always been passionate about fashion, about to create something able to make a woman unique, gorgeous, truly proud and happy with her image. Thus I decided to study Fashion under the Gianfranco Ferrè mentorship and after a MA degree in Fashion design, I debuted in 1991 in the Rome High Fashion with my first collection “L’Atelier Design” that won the contest sponsored by the Italian Chamber of Fashion. Then, I started a double career in Fashion: as a free-lance designer, creative director and haute couture consultant for brands such as Christian Dior, Gianfranco Ferrè, Roberto Capucci, Schiaparelli and since 1993 as an art director of my own studio for the “unique dress”, Atelier Lascari.


Why did you decide to go into bridalwear specifically?

To feed and join my passion for sartorial experimentation and finest bridal couture. I love to create super-chic and precious red-carpet and bridal dresses for celebs and brides who wear my dress with love and awareness of wearing something unique and special because designed and realized with passion and super professionalism.

Where are most of your customers based?

Mostly Italian cosmopolitan women who travel around the world for business and job. This is the reason why it happens often to “seize the moment” and fix fittings the times they land in Milan between a business trip and another. Then, also customers from Japan, North Europe and US.


What’s one of your favorite dresses you’ve designed? What was the dress for?

The red-carpet outfit for Maria Grazia Cucinotta at the 18th Shanghai International Film Festival in 2015.

Great pleasure to meet and befriending such strong woman and actress, greatest pleasure create an outfit either able to flawlessy exalt, and meanwhile make contemporary a timeless physicality, quintessence of cinematographic Italian beauty: an unexpected funny tail made of red&white Vichy Taroni's faille, that quotes the classic Italian “Trattoria” tablecloth, seen in many Italian 50’s-60’s famous films.

How was the experience of collaborating with Acne to design the Nobel dress for the Princess of Sweden?

Working and travelling between Milan and Stockholm on either side with a super professional style department and super qualified motivated staff of “premieres” seamstresses in order to conceive and lead the development and realization of unique dress for unique personality for unique event…well, I’d call it Unique Experience!  

If you could have any celebrity, dead or alive, wear your pieces, who would you want it to be?

Elsa Schiaparelli, incomparable sum of intelligence, personality, creativity, sense of beauty and elegance. Testing but immensely exciting challenge…


What helps you find inspiration for your designs?

The non-stop desire for beauty and the joy of giving it to women when wearing one of my creations. Their joy it’s my happiness as a woman and top fulfillment as a couturier.

When you’re in a “creativity rut”, what helps you to get inspiration?

Strategic consultancies (style and image) and projects (communication and education) I deal simultaneously with the profession of couturier. My “curriculum vitae” clearly speaks of ecletticism as an antidote vs monotony and creativity standstill. Speaking of Fashion, one example for all as a creativity stimulator, is the project I launched last year: the new pret â couture brand ANNAGEMMA Milano and the namesake collection. 21 bridal-red carpet looks, each as an archetype of a woman style different for inspiration and shape, each with new workings, new shapes, new materials. Creativity “bombs”.

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What can we expect from Atelier Lascari in the next five years?

A dream: I am working on the growth of my atelier towards an increasingly international audience. Atelier Lascari is located in the “Isola” zone, the most coolest and visited area of Milan in the last years and here many people from all over the world pass and stop to look enraptured at the atelier displays. Maybe a customized couture service at a distance. It wouldn’t be the first time... Acne Studio, the vip clients and the celebrities I dressed when I was at Schiaparelli. A dress made by Atelier Lascari knows nor physical neither intellectual limits...

Finally, if you had any advice to a bride-to-be looking for the perfect wedding dress, what would it be?

Dear bride-to-be remember that you will never regret bespoke wedding dress, that one which you’ve always desired, which has been made only and exclusively for you so that enhances perfectly your unique body and makes you uniquely beautiful.

You will love it forever because it belongs to you, because it's you.


Want to find out more about Annagemma Lascari? Check out her website


The designer allowing every woman to feel like a princess

The designer allowing every woman to feel like a princess

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