Chique, Eclectic, Cool - Anna + Nina

Chique, Eclectic, Cool - Anna + Nina


Anna + Nina

Fashion Designer

How did you both get into fashion?

Nina studied at the Amsterdam Fashion Institute and I studied pop art, she worked for an Accessories Label called Fab and I went into fashion PR. So we had good experiences to build the brand! 

What’s the story behind Anna + Nina?

We started off as an accessories agency, representing brands from abroad. Later, we decided to open shops and start our won label, now bridging the worlds of jewelry, fashion and lifestyle. 

Describe the Anna + Nina aesthetic in three words

Chique, eclectic, cool.

As designers, what are your major influences?

Travelling, magazines, film, art, Pinterest, Instagram, and friends.

What is your design philosophy?

We believe in going all the way. Every collection should take you to that world, the campaign, the model, the materials, the captions, the lookbook, the packaging. We're looking for magic. 

How would you describe the typical Anna + Nina wearer?

She (or he) is not afraid to be different, loves to travel, is quite confident, fun loving and has eye for detail and -of course- impeccable taste!

Tell us about your Travel Affairs collection

Following the idea of one of our employees, we decided that we wanted to design a collection of a minimal amount of pieces - called travel affairs. And the idea is that if you bring this collection on your holiday, you're good to go. Sandals, linnen dresses, a short skirt, a long skirt, a great top and a T shirt, all able to mic and match with each other. 

Natural fabrics and easy to combine. I love the way it turned out!


What are you currently working on?

A new jewelry collection for SS19, our new home collection and the new travel affairs collection! 

What can we expect from Anna + Nina over the next few years?

We are hoping to open several shops abroad, we are launching our new and improved webshop, and we are hoping to bring more and better collections along the lines of the ones we design at the moment. We are so happy and proud of what we have accomplished, we just hope for this company to keep growing the way it does now! 

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