Contemporary Art, Street Culture, Urban Living - Andrew Coimbra

Contemporary Art, Street Culture, Urban Living - Andrew Coimbra


Andrew Coimbra

Fashion Designer

How did you get into fashion?

I was always more interested in and associated with, fine art; drawing and painting. My grandmother was a recreational seamstress, and she entertained my curiosity by teaching me how to sew, and that kind of ignited a new passion.

What's the story behind the creation of Andrew Coimbra?

The Andrew Coimbra label launched in 2015 when it was selected as one of five finalists in the Toronto Men's Fashion Week Emerging New Labels competition. Following positive feedback, the label continued to flourish and as recent as 2017 was chosen as a finalist in the TFI New Labels Competition, noted by critics with great regard how the label walks the fine line of androgyny without feeling the need to fully embrace it.

What is the Andrew Coimbra design aesthetic in three words?

Cool, refined, new-classic

As a designer, what are your major influences? 

Contemporary art, street culture, urban living. 

Tell us about your SS18 collection

The Spring 2018 Collection hones in on the pleasures of the every day metropolitan experience; the art of dressing for life. It draws inspiration from the sweeping motions found in late 1970's minimalist sculpture and the vibrant punches of colour of contemporary street culture. Shot on location in Toronto using FujiFilm Instax Film and with the iconic Two Large Forms by Henry Moore as primary backdrop, the collection exudes the strong sophistication found in urban swagger. 

What are you currently working on?

We just finished the Spring 2019 sample development, and are having great appointments with buyers showing interest in it - I'm very excited about it as it feels like a fresh new direction for the brand. 

Additionally I'm coordinating the Fall 2018 campaign shoot. Can't wait to share that, too! 

What can we expect from Andrew Coimbra over the next few years?

I'd love to make the label more of a global brand, so I'm working on international initiatives by networking, meeting with buyers from major cities.

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