André Werther, from model to photography agent

André Werther, from model to photography agent

André Werther

Photography agent

Onirim is a creative production company that represents directors and photographers all over the world with offices located in Paris and New York. Involved in photography, commercials and brand content, Onirim has become one of the go-to names among the creative industry. We are therefore excited to have interviewed André Werther, the head of photography at Onirim. André represents renowned photographers who have shot covers from Vogue to Elle, such as Hans Feurer. Here to speak about his atypical entry into his role as an agent and the impact of social media on photography, is an interview with André Werther. 


How did you get involved in working at a photography agency ? What’s your background ?

I actually got into the fashion industry by chance. I first started as a model, then a photographer asked me to represent him and I became agent.


If you could describe your agency using three words, what would they be?

I would say creative, inquisitive and elegant.

How does your agency differentiate itself from others?

It has a real double expertise in both film and photography.


How has social media impacted your work ? Has this impact been positive or negative?

Positively, without a doubt. It allows us on the one hand to create notoriety and on the other, great visibility.

Do you look at a photographer’s social media following when you hire them?

Yes, to make sure that he or she is evolving with his or her time.

Which characteristics do you find most important in a photographer?

His style and light...Euh, his followers (laughs)


What has been the greatest accomplishment of one of your photographers in 2017?

Suzie and Leo’s music video for Yung Lean’s track “Metallic Intuition”.

Any advice for guys or girls wanting to breakout into the industry?

Believe and work hard, and then work hard some more.

Where do you see the photography industry going in the next five years?

We should be asking teenagers that question.

Screen Shot 2018-01-24 at 18.10.59.png

Which photographer (dead or alive) would you most want to have as a client?

I’m already lucky enough to be working with a living legend, Hans Feurer.

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Want to find out more about André Werther? Check out Onirim's website.  

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