Alan Anderson, jewellery designs fit for a queen

Alan Anderson, jewellery designs fit for a queen

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Alan Anderson

Jewellery designer

For all women who crave to feel like a queen or superstar, Alan Anderson's jewellery is the answer. Inspired by the golden age of Hollywood and European royalty, Alan Anderson's jewellery features flamboyant, colorful designs with statement details. It is therefore no surprise that film legend Elizabeth Taylor was once the owner of an Alan Anderson cuff. Bored by the minimalist jewellery that seems to dominate the industry, Alan is clearly bucking the trend with his powerful and striking designs and we are excited to share our conversation with him. 

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Describe a typical Alan Anderson customer. 

Bold, confident women, who aren't afraid to stand out and follow their own fashion sense. She can be aged from 18 to 99, it doesn't matter, she just has to have confidence.

You handcraft each jewellery piece to make unique one-of-a-kind designs, how long would you say it takes on average to create a piece from start to finish?

There is no set formula, like all creative people, it's more about the final finished vision. Some pieces take longer because of the complexity. I also work better and faster when I'm working under a deadline!

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What has been the most complex jewellery piece you’ve made and what was it for?

I recently made my version of the William IV Diadem. That was challenging, but fun. I showed the piece at Toronto Fashion Week, just as something to start conversation.

The status quo with jewellery is for it to be a quite a delicate, subtle form of fashion, yet noticeably Alan Anderson Jewellery seems to go against this with the use of more bold, statement designs. What inspired you to actually against go against this norm?

Firstly, I dislike anything that is a trend, and I am inspired by the golden age of Hollywood and  European royalty of the last century, so that is how my jewellery developed. I find small, minimal jewellery everywhere and I find it so boring! Once my clientele start wearing my jewels, they usually don't go back to wearing small, minimal pieces.

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Best way to wear an Alan Anderson jewellery piece? 

I like it worn casually as well as with an evening red carpet look. Nothing looks better than a big necklace, a sweater or tshirt and a jean jacket, I call it 'wearing it in a random act of glamour"–it's become one of my tag lines!

Do you wear your own jewellery? If so, how do you style it?

I often wear big cufflinks and sometimes a big ring. Every shirt I own is french cuff.

What’s your favorite jewellery piece of your collection right now and why?

That's hard to answer! I love each piece equally, so I can't really specify one in particular.

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What helps you find inspiration for your designs?

I get inspired by everything around me, from the lighting, especially in nature, watching an old black and white movie and walking through an art gallery. Inspiration tends to come when you least expect it.

When did you know that you wanted to pursue a career in jewellery design?

I had a couple of English aunts who always wore a lot of jewellery. One aunt in particular, used to let me play with a big emerald ring. I collected vintage jewellery for years and always loved it. It seemed like a natural progression when I dabbled into making my own jewellery 20 years ago, and now here we are. 

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If you could have anyone wear your jewellery (dead or alive), who would you want to wear it and why?

Elizabeth Taylor actually owned one of my cuffs, it was part of the Christies auction in 2011. I wish I had met her, I would have loved to custom make something for her.

Where would you like the Alan Anderson brand to go in the next five years?

In the next five years I would like to see us expanding to Europe and Asia. We already have a loyal following in Canada and the United states. I would also love to see people being a bit bolder and wearing bigger jewellery in general. 

Want to find out more about Alan Anderson? Check out his website and Ocotur

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