Chic, Edgy, Unique - Adolfo Sanchez

Chic, Edgy, Unique - Adolfo Sanchez


Adolfo Sanchez

Fashion Designer

How did you get into fashion?

I feel in love with fashion when I and was engulfed in the underground subculture as a teenager. I ran into a group of kids who called themselves "clubkids" known for their unique style; outragious outfits, bold prints, platforms, and intricate makeup—you name it. It was that creativity in the underground culture and sense of freedom that initially inspired me to become more intrigued with fashion. Shortly after meeting them, they introduced me to the world of fashion showing me the work of famous designers like John Galliano and John Paul Gaultier to name a few.

Describe your aesthetic in three words

Chic, Edgy, Unique

As a designer, what are your main influences?

Music is definitely my main influence. I can listen to a song and create a whole collection and look based on the song. Architecture, fashion history, and films are also other ways that I am influenced.

What does empowering fashion mean to you?

Fashion to me is an artistic way to express and show people your personality. No matter what type of fashion someone chooses or wears I believe confidence is key while wearing it. How we present ourselves to the world is really important and I want my clients to feel not just empowered but beautiful and confident. That’s what empowering fashion means to me.

Tell us about your newer styles - especially the Nero Volani

The newer collection pieces are all based on a collection about love and primarily self-love. With the collection taking you through all the different sides of love. The softer side, the more intense side, the protection which is being represented by pieces that have armor like details. The Nero Volani was the idea of taking a biker jacket and making it out of a fabric with more structure like Neoprene adding 3D shape to the jacket with the ruffling down the sleeve.

What are you currently working on?

For now we are focusing on evening wear and putting a larger focus on bridal. It's an area that I really want to grow and launch more categories within.

What can we expect from Adolfo Sanchez over the next few seasons?

I definitely want to dabble more into menswear. I’ve been playing more and more with Mens streetwear. The interesting part is that the menswear is directly influenced by my personal taste in fashion, so it’s exciting to create items that I would wear as appose to items that I think a woman would love to wear.

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