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“Art as a collective message” - Untitled Barcelona

Untitled Barcelona is brought to life in 2013, the brainchild of artist and designer Gisselle Morales. Untitled Barcelona is a highly conceptual and exclusive label, each piece is unique and handmade. We focus primarily on creating handbags with original painted canvas, natural leathers and cotton. These canvases are an integral part in the conceptualization and realization of the bags, as they are authentic works of art that several contemporary artists produce exclusively for us. The acrylic paintings are treated with a strong varnish to extend their life and function; however they are delicate pieces and must be treated with love and care. Untitled Barcelona is characterized by the combination of colors and textures, and this distinguishing quality becomes the main feature of our visual language. Combining art with a daily handbag comes from the need to make art design and to put art on the streets so it can have its own transformation. Why must art be enclosed behind the walls of museums and galleries?

Chique, Eclectic, Cool - Anna + Nina

Anna + Nina, founded in 2012, started as an agency promoting jewellery and accessories labels alongside their own but has since become a brand in its own right. From its founding Anna de Lanoy Meijer and Nina Poot have opened three stores in Amsterdam, and a webshop, selling their own brand together with other jewellery, accessories, fashion and interiors labels. Their own brand includes distinctly eclectic jewellery and, more recently, old-world style interiors and accessories that reflect their nomad-like travels to India and Bali, where the jewellery and home brands are made.

Modest, Intriguing, Sophisticated - Natsumi Zama

Natsumi Zama is a womenswear designer based in Tokyo, Japan. She studied fashion design at Bunka in Japan and also graduated with a BA Honours in Fashion Design and Technology Womenswear from the London College of Fashion in 2009. During her studies she started working for Louise Goldin as an assistant. Her graduate collection was showcased at an exclusive press show, and loved by Another magazine and other major fashion magazine. The collection is inspired by the traditional Japanese garments, the kimono, and made with colossal bows featuring both structured and unstructured manners. The colourway of the collection is focused on a mono palette to define a purist aesthetic with very controlled detail. The collection also contains the idea of covering up exudes a certain prudish attitude.

A New Kind of Hat - Camille Côté

In 2014, Camille mistakenly designed a hat with an integrated elastic band on the back. This unconventional style, which stands out for its practical functions, has become the signature of the Camille Côté brand, which is now known for this style called cropped hat™. As a self-taught designer, Camille breaks standards, rethinks the hat and was able to develop a line entirely designed with elastic bands. Designed entirely in Montreal, hats are ready-to-wear thanks to a simplification of the production process. The materials are carefully selected in Europe and the minimalist shapes are smartly worked to suit every face and hair types. Our mission is to define the hat in a modern way as a practical accessory, comfortable and adapted to the daily life of women of all origins.

Intelligent, Savvy, Sexy, Artistic - The Sway NYC

The Sway is a leather handbag and jacket collection based in New York since 2008. The core of our brand is up cycling leather, which means to re-use leather in such a way as to create new products of a higher quality or value than the original. We source excess materials and left over leathers that are sitting in tanneries around the world, either as stock, vintage or remnant pieces often too small for further use. We find solutions to re-use the excess and give them new life in The Sway collections, 80% of the collection is up cycled. We believe there should be no compromise between style and responsibility. We believe that being green, is the only way forward. It is a reflection on how we exist in the world and how we want to leave our world for future generations.

Contemporary Art, Street Culture, Urban Living - Andrew Coimbra

Created in 2015, Andrew Coimbra is a lifestyle and ready-to-wear brand based out of Toronto, Canada. With a strong focus on simple yet powerful design, in revisiting classic staples we are driven by conveying an aesthetic that is unique in its vision and realization. We aim to play into the duality of the modern person: exploring both the classic and contemporary, and the more street and relaxed self.

Luxurious Modernity, Experimental, Double-Sided - IHNN

A TOKYO based designer, Chisung IHN after graduating from Bunka Fashion Graduate University, launched his women's wear brand "IHNN" in 2014. He showed his works in London, Russia, Seoul, and Tokyo. IHN creates a new world of sensibility with the mixture of delicacy and boldness. Expressing luxurious modernity through colors and a mix of the high quality fabrics. This is an contemporary brand using experimental and unique textiles.

Japanese Fashion and Latin Flair - Fabiana Pigna

Fabiana pigna is a Venezuelan fashion designer based in Los Angeles, California. She launched her namesake label in Spring of 2015 following a decade of having designed for fashion companies in South America and the US. Combining her love of Japanese fashion with her Latin American roots, Fabiana brings a modern and unique sensitivity to her sculptural silhouettes. The result is a collection of statement pieces that trace clean lines in a casual, minimalist tone. In an effort to champion local manufacturing, the line is developed and produced in Los Angeles using a mix of high-end fabrics sourced in Japan and Europe.

This is First and Foremost a Rejection - No Label Society Club

This is first and foremost a rejection. A rejection of the labels bestowed upon us to impose control. To those of you driven by your ambitious curiosity. to those who wish to do better, to be different. allow us to be your quiet catalyst for this new standard. Let us use the power of creative destruction and the medium of organized chaos to produce our truth. May this society give solace to you who dare to brave the storm, to you who dare to break free. May no label become your label.

Moi.LeRoi, Clothing Engineer

Syanne says, “Fashion is not to follow, but to create”. Having Graduated from Fashion Institute of Technology, majoring in Fashion Design, Syanne was chosen to exhibit her graduation design in the annual FIT exhibition. After experience in retail field, she interned in Jill Stuart, RHIE, Charles Warren as an assistant designer. Before she started her brand, she worked in a well-known New York based pattern making company called WERKSTATT and helped make patterns for designer brands such as JASON WU, COACH, MAIYET, MM LAFLEUR, PROTAGONIST and RHIE. She then established Moi. LeRoi in 2016 in New York.

From Architecture to Demolition, From Art to Accident - The Influences of Chris Donovan

Chris Donovan became a shoe designer at the age of 55. Chris spent most of his career as a telephone repairman. Feeling unfulfilled and knowing he was on this journey once he decided to chase his lifelong passion of shoe design. With no design background other than his sketches throughout his life he left his job and entered the Masters in Footwear program at Polimoda Fashion Institute. Chris opened the final graduation show with his collection and showed some of his designs at Dutch Design Week. Once home Chris won a contest on the television show Project Runway to meet Tim Gunn and have him critique his work. Chris will be launching his 1st line shortly.

Strong and Dark, with Delicate Femininity - Johanna DiNardo

Johanna DiNardo is an emerging luxury womenswear designer with promising potential. During her intensive education earning a Bachelors Degree from Drexel University’s acclaimed Fashion Design Program, Johanna spent a great deal of time in London, studying at London College of Fashion and working under renowned designer, Marios Schwab. Her high appreciation for handcraft and astute attention to detail, are revealed in her Première Collection, for which she received high acclaim and the Nicole Miller Award for Best Dresses.

Sensuality and Structure - Bliss Lau

Bliss Lau’s visionary approach to jewelry design is intrinsically rooted in the concept of jewelry as a physical experience – inspired by sensuality and structure. Throughout the evolution of her work, Bliss has elegantly juxtaposed dichotomous relationships – bold and delicate, bound and free, organic and linear – and embraced the interplay between them to create both fluid and kinetic forms.

Down With Fast Fashion! - Courtney Cady

For me, being an environmentalist requires a great deal of compassion. I don't think enough people think of the Earth as a living thing. They just think living things live on Earth. Environmentalism requires a sense of justice for living things. It also requires one to accept their own hypocrisies and life's inherent paradoxes; to allow oneself to help on a micro-scale, rather than thinking that because their actions in one place help the environment but in another place add to the problem.

Art is Only as Good as the Inspiration, Taliah Leslie

Taliah Leslie is a fashion designer based in New York City whose architectural, innovative, and forward thinking designs have captured the attention of industry professionals. Having graduated from Pratt Institute, earning the Innovation Materials Award in her senior year, Taliah has developed a heavily recognizable aesthetic focusing on groundbreaking textile manipulations in the wave of new technological appropriates, bold colors, and sculptural silhouettes. Drawing from the lively festivals and rituals of her multicultural background has fueled her desire to explore dynamic color combinations as well as lush textured textiles. The influence of the strong women in her life is ever present in the stark silhouette and details of her designs. With these core values, Taliah produces captivating, animated designs that creates inclusiveness that steers fashion into a whole new direction.

My Greatest Inspirations Are People Who Are Brave And True To Their Lives, BUMESI

Dru Blumensheid (aka BUMESI) is an Australian-American artist & filmmaker based in New York City. Blumensheid graduated with a Bachelors of Fine Arts from the Savannah College of Art & Design in 2007. From 2007- 2014 she resided in Melbourne, Australia, found an art & model collective called the BUMESI Collective. She creates within mediums of film, photography, fashion design and performance. Her videos and short films are created with the BUMESI Collective, which focuses on a sense of place within global locations, socio-political reflections and futurism.