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The Designers At The Front of The Denim Revival

The designer family duo, Ksenia and Anton Schnaider, began their brand story in 2011. The masterminds behind the brand are constantly working hand in hand- creating fashion pieces combining reworked materials, perfect cut, Eastern European cultural quotes and spicing it up with some innovative digital concepts. Spending days on experimenting, and finally created the perfect trend- “demi-denims” taking the fashion world by storm since 2016, and becoming a hit amongst A-list celebrities. Ksenia Schnaider brand is available worldwide in more than 70 stores, such as on Shopbop, Selfridges and etc.

Bold, Adventurous, Fun - Vespertine

Safety and style collide in the Haute Réflecture reflective wear collection by VESPERTINE. Designed to shine. Born in NYC. We make street-smart street-style that excels on the road and off, day and night. The concept is simple. Safety wear is meant to attract attention but traditionally it's not attractive. Vespertine NYC’s Haute Réflecture reflective collection turns safety-wear on its head so that safe is gorgeous and fashion, a functional necessity.

Glamorous, Classic, Modern-twist - Kristi Vosbeck

After a succession of jobs in the fashion industry, immersing herself in modeling, styling, and design interning, Parsons graduate Kristi Vosbeck made her move and formed KRISTI VOSBECK LLC March 2009.  She represents the new voice of couture high fashion in legacy (vintage) designs with a fresh, edgy twist.  Each design is a unique work of art that pairs elegance with her special brand of creativity.  Kristi is a visionary, who is influenced by different cultures, and invokes her memories of Paris, Greece and Madrid with intricate designs that are strikingly classic, in the most opulent, luxurious fabrications, and couture attention to detail.  She is inspired by Yves Saint Laurent, Balenciaga, Alexander McQueen and Stella McCartney. KRISTI VOSBECK is part of a new breed of innovative young designers, with an eye for glamour, focusing on the classic beauty of the female form.  She envisions women who have a passion for fashion, at any age, and sees her dresses being worn to parties, galleries, and very special occasions, by women who want to flaunt and flirt. 

Chic, Edgy, Unique - Adolfo Sanchez

Adolfo Sanchez takes you on a journey to a world of freedom where women dare to be strong and different.  The collections consist of different experiences and inspirations that he has encountered in his life.  Understanding how saturated the fashion world has become, he shows people that he is unique and so are his creations.  Sanchez knows that to stay ahead he has to constantly search for new ideas and challenges. The career of Adolfo Sanchez started in 2006, when he decided to take his creativity and begin a women's ready to wear line. "I would have never thought that I would have ended up in this industry, but it just feels so right that I know it was meant to be," comments the designer.  After being featured in countless magazines and having the great opportunity of working with so many amazing people, Adolfo Sanchez has grown his business into a brand that offers custom, ready to wear, accessories, leather goods and most recently a home collection.   "I'm inspired by everything - people, places, music, and there is so much more to do, that I sometimes wonder if I have become obsessed with this industry"

Glam, Alien, Unconventional - Kaila Powell Frasco

Kaila is a Costume and Fashion Artist/Stylist living in Brooklyn, New York. She went to The Academy of Art University in San Francisco and received her Bachelor's Degree in Design. A lot of her influences can be seen in a literal way and through the material she uses. She looks for non-traditional material to create wearable art. The designs on this website are truly what defines Kaila as a Designer and person. She believes in a term called "No Fimage"which stands for "No Fear of Image." She wants to influence people to not be afraid of being exactly who they are. These designs were all created from dreams that she had and they all have their own story. She has worked on films and theater, but her passion is dressing musicians.