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The Designers At The Front of The Denim Revival

The designer family duo, Ksenia and Anton Schnaider, began their brand story in 2011. The masterminds behind the brand are constantly working hand in hand- creating fashion pieces combining reworked materials, perfect cut, Eastern European cultural quotes and spicing it up with some innovative digital concepts. Spending days on experimenting, and finally created the perfect trend- “demi-denims” taking the fashion world by storm since 2016, and becoming a hit amongst A-list celebrities. Ksenia Schnaider brand is available worldwide in more than 70 stores, such as on Shopbop, Selfridges and etc.

Bold, Adventurous, Fun - Vespertine

Safety and style collide in the Haute Réflecture reflective wear collection by VESPERTINE. Designed to shine. Born in NYC. We make street-smart street-style that excels on the road and off, day and night. The concept is simple. Safety wear is meant to attract attention but traditionally it's not attractive. Vespertine NYC’s Haute Réflecture reflective collection turns safety-wear on its head so that safe is gorgeous and fashion, a functional necessity.

Glamorous, Classic, Modern-twist - Kristi Vosbeck

After a succession of jobs in the fashion industry, immersing herself in modeling, styling, and design interning, Parsons graduate Kristi Vosbeck made her move and formed KRISTI VOSBECK LLC March 2009.  She represents the new voice of couture high fashion in legacy (vintage) designs with a fresh, edgy twist.  Each design is a unique work of art that pairs elegance with her special brand of creativity.  Kristi is a visionary, who is influenced by different cultures, and invokes her memories of Paris, Greece and Madrid with intricate designs that are strikingly classic, in the most opulent, luxurious fabrications, and couture attention to detail.  She is inspired by Yves Saint Laurent, Balenciaga, Alexander McQueen and Stella McCartney. KRISTI VOSBECK is part of a new breed of innovative young designers, with an eye for glamour, focusing on the classic beauty of the female form.  She envisions women who have a passion for fashion, at any age, and sees her dresses being worn to parties, galleries, and very special occasions, by women who want to flaunt and flirt. 

Chic, Edgy, Unique - Adolfo Sanchez

Adolfo Sanchez takes you on a journey to a world of freedom where women dare to be strong and different.  The collections consist of different experiences and inspirations that he has encountered in his life.  Understanding how saturated the fashion world has become, he shows people that he is unique and so are his creations.  Sanchez knows that to stay ahead he has to constantly search for new ideas and challenges. The career of Adolfo Sanchez started in 2006, when he decided to take his creativity and begin a women's ready to wear line. "I would have never thought that I would have ended up in this industry, but it just feels so right that I know it was meant to be," comments the designer.  After being featured in countless magazines and having the great opportunity of working with so many amazing people, Adolfo Sanchez has grown his business into a brand that offers custom, ready to wear, accessories, leather goods and most recently a home collection.   "I'm inspired by everything - people, places, music, and there is so much more to do, that I sometimes wonder if I have become obsessed with this industry"

Glam, Alien, Unconventional - Kaila Powell Frasco

Kaila is a Costume and Fashion Artist/Stylist living in Brooklyn, New York. She went to The Academy of Art University in San Francisco and received her Bachelor's Degree in Design. A lot of her influences can be seen in a literal way and through the material she uses. She looks for non-traditional material to create wearable art. The designs on this website are truly what defines Kaila as a Designer and person. She believes in a term called "No Fimage"which stands for "No Fear of Image." She wants to influence people to not be afraid of being exactly who they are. These designs were all created from dreams that she had and they all have their own story. She has worked on films and theater, but her passion is dressing musicians.

Minimalism, Modularity, Effortless - KAZZ Clothing

KAZZ is a Canadian based fashion label founded by Designer: Ashley Kasdorf. KAZZ is focused on creating wearable ready-to-wear designs for the urban modern woman/man. Fashioned around the idea of wardrobe fundamentals, KAZZ plays between masculine and feminine principles for effortless designs. Notable features of clean lines, architectural minimalism, and modularity resemble contemporary style with a laid back modern impression. Quality and utility pieces that are never sloppy or too calculated. The company name ‘KAZZ’ stems from the family surname 'Kasdorf'. Ashley thought it was fitting to name her company after what resembles where she came from and who she is.

Strong, Bold, Balanced - Rachel Marus

The New York City based label was launched in late 2015, producing fit-focused lingerie and has since expanded to include sleepwear, and lingerie-inspired ready-to-wear. The brand values quality and ethical practices. Currently, all of the brand's garments are made ethically in the heart of New York City's garment district, or at our studio in NYC. The label sources the finest fabrics and components from around the globe; French underwires, elastics from both Japan and China. Most of the laces are French leaver's laces, which are made in Calais, where artisans have passed on the tradition of fine lace making for over two centuries.

Austere, Minimal, Moments - Semaj Bryant

Semaj Bryant is a concept-driven multidisciplinary artist & designer, focusing on creative direction, progressive cutting techniques, as well as creating and utilizing custom designed materials and details. With a BFA from Pratt Institute, he has a range of strong skills in concept and product development, experience in pattern development, cutting, and construction, knitwear, activewear, surface design, textile development and manipulation, and industrial design.

How Humanity Collects, Categorizes, and Catalogs - Lina Michal

I am a Swedish fashion designer. After developing my design aesthetic in Florence, Stockholm and London the brand that carries my name first came into fruition in New York in 2015. I have since moved cross-country and now live in Portland, Oregon. I strive to make dreamy high-end womenswear, trying to always find that elusive sweet spot between poetic and nasty, melancholic and fun, classic luxury and modern aesthetics. I never want to stagnate, or allow myself a cemented view on what I do and who I am. I think it is important to evolve, that way you are forever young.

Fun, Spirited, Eclectic - Sandhya Garg

Label Sandhya Garg is a state of mind, intellectual combined with a wry wit. With an avant-garde approach each collection starts with a range of possibilities that are narrowed down to a wearable collection of bold colors combined graphically to create conversational prints. The brand ideology revolves around (but is not limited to) the unique interpretation and juxtaposition of world travels, regional folklore, mythology, superstition and architectural influences. 

Geometric, Clean, Sport-Delux - JNORIG

Javier Girón, was born in Pereira, Colombia, but spend his teenage years growing up in Germany. His grandmother worked as a tailor and being surrounded by her work at home, Javier grew inspired to choose a career in fashion. Javier studied at the Instituto Europeo di Design (IED) in Barcelona and upon graduating he moved to Los Angeles to work alongside Jeremy Scott, Creative Director at Moschino. With his return to Barcelona in 2016, Javier founded a high-end menswear brand JNORIG defined by his multicultural experiences growing up and traveling the world together with his passion for architecture, geometry and minimalism. “At the core of JNORIG is a very precise pattern developed carefully for each garment. We design for a young, innovative male that takes risks in his own style. Playing with symmetry, minimal silhouettes and straight lines, our garments require a carefully thought out pattern and execution.” With his return to Barcelona in 2016, Javier Girón founded a high-end menswear brand defined by these principles: urban-chic, eclectic, and primarily achromatic with carefully attention to fabric selection.

Timeless, Emotional, Thoughtful - Knitbrary

Giving priority to quality we design knitted pieces. Using superior materials, our simplicity brings out their inherent appeal. We travel around the world selecting the best and purest fibers. Our traditional approach to manufacturing, on a small scale and with local experts, makes each piece really unique. Beautiful materials and proportions, beautifully crafted, providing an enduring and timeless knitwear.

“Art as a collective message” - Untitled Barcelona

Untitled Barcelona is brought to life in 2013, the brainchild of artist and designer Gisselle Morales. Untitled Barcelona is a highly conceptual and exclusive label, each piece is unique and handmade. We focus primarily on creating handbags with original painted canvas, natural leathers and cotton. These canvases are an integral part in the conceptualization and realization of the bags, as they are authentic works of art that several contemporary artists produce exclusively for us. The acrylic paintings are treated with a strong varnish to extend their life and function; however they are delicate pieces and must be treated with love and care. Untitled Barcelona is characterized by the combination of colors and textures, and this distinguishing quality becomes the main feature of our visual language. Combining art with a daily handbag comes from the need to make art design and to put art on the streets so it can have its own transformation. Why must art be enclosed behind the walls of museums and galleries?

Colorful, Timeless, Precious - Sophie d'Agon

Sophie d’Agon is a new brand of jewelry. At its head, Sophie, in her forties, with a journey through fashion of over twenty years alongside true monuments, Hermès, Prada and Saint Laurent. With Prada, for six years, Sophie learned the ropes as a buyer of accessories in France and in the United Kingdom, understanding how the iconic fashion house, inventor of the ‘it’ bag, works, and how to manage relationships with influencers. The Saint Laurent adventure, lasting for 14 years, is the laboratory for learning perfection until she took over the management of worldwide purchasing in 2012. Specialized in accessories, ready-to-wear, bags and shoes, she experienced the most exciting moments of the House, until Hedi Slimane leaves in 2015, which lead to her own departure. Entrepreneurship spun round and round in her mind, as did her memories of time spent in her uncle’s jewelry shop.

Chique, Eclectic, Cool - Anna + Nina

Anna + Nina, founded in 2012, started as an agency promoting jewellery and accessories labels alongside their own but has since become a brand in its own right. From its founding Anna de Lanoy Meijer and Nina Poot have opened three stores in Amsterdam, and a webshop, selling their own brand together with other jewellery, accessories, fashion and interiors labels. Their own brand includes distinctly eclectic jewellery and, more recently, old-world style interiors and accessories that reflect their nomad-like travels to India and Bali, where the jewellery and home brands are made.

Modest, Intriguing, Sophisticated - Natsumi Zama

Natsumi Zama is a womenswear designer based in Tokyo, Japan. She studied fashion design at Bunka in Japan and also graduated with a BA Honours in Fashion Design and Technology Womenswear from the London College of Fashion in 2009. During her studies she started working for Louise Goldin as an assistant. Her graduate collection was showcased at an exclusive press show, and loved by Another magazine and other major fashion magazine. The collection is inspired by the traditional Japanese garments, the kimono, and made with colossal bows featuring both structured and unstructured manners. The colourway of the collection is focused on a mono palette to define a purist aesthetic with very controlled detail. The collection also contains the idea of covering up exudes a certain prudish attitude.

A New Kind of Hat - Camille Côté

In 2014, Camille mistakenly designed a hat with an integrated elastic band on the back. This unconventional style, which stands out for its practical functions, has become the signature of the Camille Côté brand, which is now known for this style called cropped hat™. As a self-taught designer, Camille breaks standards, rethinks the hat and was able to develop a line entirely designed with elastic bands. Designed entirely in Montreal, hats are ready-to-wear thanks to a simplification of the production process. The materials are carefully selected in Europe and the minimalist shapes are smartly worked to suit every face and hair types. Our mission is to define the hat in a modern way as a practical accessory, comfortable and adapted to the daily life of women of all origins.

Intelligent, Savvy, Sexy, Artistic - The Sway NYC

The Sway is a leather handbag and jacket collection based in New York since 2008. The core of our brand is up cycling leather, which means to re-use leather in such a way as to create new products of a higher quality or value than the original. We source excess materials and left over leathers that are sitting in tanneries around the world, either as stock, vintage or remnant pieces often too small for further use. We find solutions to re-use the excess and give them new life in The Sway collections, 80% of the collection is up cycled. We believe there should be no compromise between style and responsibility. We believe that being green, is the only way forward. It is a reflection on how we exist in the world and how we want to leave our world for future generations.