Minimalism, Modularity, Effortless - KAZZ Clothing

Minimalism, Modularity, Effortless - KAZZ Clothing


KAZZ Clothing

Fashion Designer

How did you get into fashion?

I got into fashion at an early age - when I was 10 I was interested in it. I loved watching RAW on fashion TV every morning before going to school. My dad studied architecture and was the drawer in the family. His drawings and love for architecture was fascinating for me and became something I love. 

What’s the story behind the creation of KAZZ Clothing?

I wanted to create a brand that was more minimalistic and wearable for everyday-wear. It's really a direct reflection of whom I am. My sisters used to call me "plain Ashley" because I loved more basic pieces. KAZZ is elevated, minimal pieces that you can always keep in your wardrobe and that are more seasonless quality items. 

The name KAZZ came from a nickname my father gave us girls and since I come from a family of all girls, I wanted to carry my last name through to my company. Precisely, the company name ‘KAZZ’ stems from the family surname 'Kasdorf'. I thought it was fitting to name the company after what resembles where I came from and I am as a person.

What is the Kazz Clothing aesthetic in three words?

Minimalism, modularity, and effortless

As a designer, what are your major influences?

As a designer, one of my major influences is architecture, personally, all building shapes, sizes, and details are intriguing. Specifically, I have a slightl obsession with doors. Every time I travel, I take numerous pictures of doors that are different, quirky, and that inspire me. 

Another influence is the landscapes and views of my travels. I really pay attention to the people and local way of life. The finer details are something that attracts me. 

Describe the typical Kazz Clothing wearer

He/She would be late 20s/early 30s, someone who loves the finer details and appreciates clean lines. They would be living in the city, urban jungle and through all the noise of clothing options, they would stand out in the KAZZ staple, more minimal pieces and an effortless look. 

Tell us about your upcoming Autumn/Winter collection

What you can expect to see for the AW18/19 collection is a blend of feminine and masculine elements; tailored and relaxed fits. Heavy focus on outerwear and textured monochromatic pieces. The inspiration behind this collection was that I wanted to take out the nonsense of what we see around us, this sensory overload, and bring it down to the creative process and make, simple, beautiful garments.

What can we expect from Kazz Clothing over the next few years?

What you can expect from KAZZ over the next few years is more menswear pieces and a focus on outerwear for both men and women. Really bringing together the masculine and feminine principles for effortless designs. 

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