The Memory of Studying Chinese Ink, Baiyang Luo

Baiyang.Luo is a fashion designer specialized in knitwear. In most of her collections, she was inspired by artworks from various artists. But what influenced her the most is her own culture,  Beijing, China. "I have a free-spirit, definitely. I don't like to over-control myself by doing a specific style or to use a specific color for my design. I like to try new technique and to explore for each season, also I like to create a story for each of my collections." She likes to focus on using high-quality materials and to pay attention to the details. "Making mistakes is a way to improve. I learn from mistakes and failure." Baiyang's graduation work was also selected to be presented in both Neiman Marcus and in Beijing National Stadium (Bird's Nest) which was where the 2008 Beijing Olympic games were held.

Cleopatra and Thailand, the Creation of SiammPatra

SiammPatra, where Siam, the former name to the country we know as Thailand today, meets the eternal beauty and power of Cleopatra. A bold new fashion jewelry line that launched in 2015, based out of New Jersey by Thai-American Jewelry Designer, Anita Jacob. Anita Jacob graduated in gemology and has been working in the industry for over a decade. And in 2015, with the love and helpful suggestion from her Husband, she finally decided to launch her own jewelry line. You will see Anita’s vision and her own personal style radiating through each of her unique designs. SiammPatra is here to provoke art of style over market trends to consumers. SiammPatra pieces embrace inspiration and creativity to celebrate every woman’s individuality by form of expression - in our case - accessorizing.

From Fast Fashion to Sustainable Production, De Smet

Born from the desire to create a more thoughtful, deliberate shopping experience; designer Christina De Smet established her brand with a sensitivity and respect to the design process, promoting the slow, natural accumulation of lasting wardrobe pieces. Representing a structured fluidity inspired primarily by the architecture of organic forms, De Smet carefully selects each of her purist fabrics by hand. Placing the utmost importance on longevity in construction and silhouette, each of DE SMET’s made-to-order garments are designed and handcrafted in the heart of New York City. Comprised of timeless silhouettes, the DE SMET wardrobe is intended to be worn and cherished for years to come.

A New Take on an Old Fabric, Noor Zakka

Noor Zakka founded NOORISM in 2015 after being disheartened by the volume of poorly-made, practically disposable clothes produced by the Fashion industry every year. NOORISM is an upcycle brand focused on taking apart jeans and using the pieces to create new items of clothing and accessories. NOORISM clothing and accessories are all unique and slightly different since each old pair of jeans has its own individual story to tell.

Everyone's Allergic to Something, Allergic

Allergic uses mixed textiles and forms to explore the synchronicity of geometry and modern youth. Their clothing is strategic and experimental. The design process is developed through the relationship between textiles, forms and comfort. Each collection synchronizes classic techniques and ingenuity to express a modern attitude and futuristic objectivity, while challenging the conformative notion of femininity and sexuality. By creating poetic and functional aesthetics, we seek to empower individuals that wear our clothes through layering geometry and texture.

Fashion is a Powerful Communication Instrument, Inga Lena

INGA-LENA is the personal narrative of a young woman, relating her lighthearted upbringing and inner division on her road to womanhood. The designer started her career as an international fashion model which educated her to understand the needs of a modern woman today. Our lives evolve every day. Our wardrobe must adjust to that. The designer creates garments that are sensitively tailored to flatter the female body. With a special attention to detail, fitted styles blend with deliberately de-constructed silhouettes.

Chinese History in Malaysian Coffee Shop Culture, Chia Lee

Chia Lee is a recent Fashion Design graduate from Parsons the New School for Design. She studied abroad at Central Saint Martins’ BA Fashion knitwear pathway in the spring and summer semester of 2016. It was an eye-opening experience for her as she discovered a whole new world of creative textiles crafted using unconventional materials. Raised in Malaysia, she was exposed to a multi-cultural, multi-ethnic society with diverse religion and traditions. Chia’s appreciations towards cultural heritage and sense of nostalgia are deeply rooted in her work. Through knitting, sewing and embroidery work, Chia creates textile-based designs that are heavily focused on materiality. Her work embodies nostalgic memory of the past by interweaving innovative ideas from the present, embracing the beauty of traditional craftsmanship with a twist of the present through material and technology.

Born in Beirut, Murielle Maalouf has graduated in May 2017 from Parsons School of Design in New York, with a BFA degree in Fashion Design, focused on Womenswear and textiles. Brought up in the Fashion world through her Mother, Gemy Maalouf who herself is a fashion designer, Murielle has developed her own style based on her own perspective and vision. By assisting her Mother in the business, Murielle was exposed to the Fashion industry in her early years through fashion events and exhibitions. Her latest collection Deux à Deux, which represents her thesis and graduating collection, is a reflection on Human relationships, how they start and evolve. It has also been a reflection of the designer's past and current relationships which led the collection to have multi collaborative aspects.

Craft Meets Fashion, Xllullan

The designer label Xllullan (pronounced X-Lo͞o-Lan) features modern throwbacks as well as retro and edgy styles. Luxury meets practicality in the designs utilizing Italian and French textiles. Many of the artistic aspects of this brand are drawn from literature, film and visual arts. Nature, which is prominently featured is also matched against the manufactured feel of metallic materials.

Sustainability Should be at the Forefront of any Fashion Brand, MALAIKA

New York-based MALAIKA is a minimalistic and futuristic Scandinavian apparel brand with a focus on sustainable, high-quality garments and accessories. Their progressive mindset is the pillar of everything they design and produce. MALAIKA's goals are long-term wearability and sustainability. Instead of following traditional fashion seasons, the label designs pieces that will be statements now and in the future, and for each garment sold a tree will be planted for the canopy project.

I Want to Address How Important it is to Have Hope, Hye Seon Jeon

Hye Seon Jeon is a NYC-based Menswear Fashion Designer. Although her interest in drawing and painting was her initial motivation to get an education in art, she enrolled at Parsons The New School BFA program, majoring in Fashion Design in 2013. A common theme across her collections is utility and message. Hye Seon believes in the functionality of clothing, which is often represented by choices in materials or shapes. Indeed, she also has faith in her mission for spreading ‘positive influence,’ which explains the brand name ‘Nannerwave.’ Nannerwave is a combination of her nickname ‘Nanner/Nance’ and the term ‘wave’ which stands for a cultural influence or a trend. Because of her religious conviction and life philosophy, she has been trying to provide a message of ‘hope’ through her clothing.

Art is Only as Good as the Inspiration, Taliah Leslie

Taliah Leslie is a fashion designer based in New York City whose architectural, innovative, and forward thinking designs have captured the attention of industry professionals. Having graduated from Pratt Institute, earning the Innovation Materials Award in her senior year, Taliah has developed a heavily recognizable aesthetic focusing on groundbreaking textile manipulations in the wave of new technological appropriates, bold colors, and sculptural silhouettes. Drawing from the lively festivals and rituals of her multicultural background has fueled her desire to explore dynamic color combinations as well as lush textured textiles. The influence of the strong women in her life is ever present in the stark silhouette and details of her designs. With these core values, Taliah produces captivating, animated designs that creates inclusiveness that steers fashion into a whole new direction.

Reclusion is Really a State of Mind, Zirui Huang

Zirui Huang an NYC-based designer. She appreciates the aesthetic of romantic minimalism and subtle things, and loves to create and manipulate unique fabrics to highlight the continuity of the garments' surfaces. With a heavy focus on textile, Zirui uses a understated color palette in her collection to create a sober and temperate style, which always has a quiet but powerful beauty to it. 

From Ballerina to Designer, Philosofée

A former ballerina, Brazilian designer Glaucia Stanganelli’s journey spans three continents, from Sao Paulo, Brazil to London and now New York. A graduate of both Universidade Anhembi Morumbi in Sao Paulo and London College of Fashion, Glaucia Stanganelli started her career at Brazilian designer Maruzia Fernandez’s couture atelier honing couture techniques followed by stints at Zandra Rhodes and Topshop before founding Philosofée.

I Focus on the Pain Points to Come up With Solutions, Aramlee

Aram Lee is a fashion accessory and product designer based in Brooklyn and serves as a part-time faculty member at Parsons School of Design. She is from Korea where she studied Art and Design at Seoul National University and moved to New York where she started her career as a handbag designer for Kate Spade and the Gap before moving on to become a creative director for Kooba. Aram’s passion for creating unique and practical designs is the focus of her creative process. "The design process is to work with physical objects as well as the space around it. I believe the silhouette should be designed in both positive and negative spaces”.

Modernized Deconstructivism, Myung Eun Cha

Myung Eun Cha is a womenswear fashion designer who was influenced by her architecture father . She loves layering, asymmetry, variations, contrasts, and a combination of curvilinear and geometric shapes. She is into "modernized deconstructivism”. Myung's design philosophy of “modernized deconstruction” was inspired by deconstructivism, a popular theory in postmodern architecture. 

Design Inspired By PTSD, Moon Chang

Moon Chang is a New York based designer who graduated from Pratt Institute, NY. Her philosophy is to communicate with people through her designs. Her aesthetic is to find a beauty in abstractness and weirdness and extract it to form new and unusual aspects in design.

Old Mold But New Design, Ami Park

Ami Park is a New York and Seoul-based women’s wear designer who graduated from the Parsons School of Design BFA fashion design. She was born and raised in Seoul, Korea and later moved to New York to follow her career. She gained experience in the fashion industry interning for Louise Goldin, Derek Lam and Alice & Olivia. After working with unisex Designer brand Kittae, Ami Park went on to create her first capsule collection, Mold.

China Through My Grandma's Eyes, Chenghui Zhang

Chenghui Zhang is a designer who is currently based in New York. Born in Italy, Zhang moved to China where she grew up before moving to New York to study fashion design at Parsons University, where she was awarded the esteemed CDFA sponsorship prior to her fourth year of study at Parsons. For Zhang, fashion is a tool and a twist between mainstream culture and subculture. With narration as her main focus in her design philosophy, her design aesthetic focuses on using this tool of storytelling to make the audience understand the story and meaning behind it even more. Using her grandma’s fabric she brought in the 1980s, her thesis collection recreated a memoir of her grandmother by tracing back the development and globalisation of China in the past thirty years through her grandma's eyes. The various characters her grandma went through during this time are the focus of her thesis.